Justice, American Style…

HolyLandWhile raping/sodomizing kids in front of their mothers, performing sexually explicit acts and forced masturbation  goes unpunished, breaking Geneva conventions and admitting to it goes unpunished, torturing is claimed to be “necessary”, what is found to be horrible and worth punishing is running a Muslim charity — horrible enough to warrant punishment of 65 years in jail.

Yes, that is the punishment metted out to Holy Land chief executive officer Shukri Abu Baker for helping the Palestinians. Of course giving billions to kill the Palestinains is doing “God’s work.”


Why the Pentagon Is Probably Lying About its Supressed Sodomy and Rape Photos

Pressure Grows Over Torture Pics, Obama Turns to SCOTUS

G-d forsaken zook*** bastards bequeath 180 Years to The Holy Land Foundation for Giving Zakat to Palestinians!!!


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