Arab League of Cowards

The Arab League,a pathetic confederacy of individuals, has called for an immediate halt to the construction of Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank.

The Arab League is nothing more of an impotent faction of puppets being used and using others for nothing more than monetary goods. Nothing sustainable has come as a result of the current Arab League assembly,nor shall it ever.

A major sign of the league’s impotence and irrelevance these days,except when the West wishes to put it to use,Arab League members have spent most of their time running around rabid over ‘what to do’ for the Palestinians. Nothing ever gets done for them,and nothing will ever get done – at least,not by the current League of Cowards.

The League is made up of the rich and spineless;Rarely is compassion shown for their brethren unless a travesty occurs (i.e Gaza).

Members have done nothing more than tap Israel on the hand in an attempt to make the Middle Eastern populace believe they are doing something to help.

From its birth,childish rivalry and conflicts,designation of regional Arab councils, and corrupted allegiances have concluded this organization an immaterial, fictional, pseudo-symbol at unity.

When Israel murdered the Lebanese in 2006 they did nothing more than hold meetings whilst the people of Lebanon fought with all their might to survive.

When Israel massacred the Palestinians (most recently) in 2009 they,again, did nothing more than meet with one another and hold discussion in how ‘bad’ Israel was being again.

Bad,bad Israel. How dare you disrupt their shisha and black coffee?!

The Arab people are tired of the facade set before them, and they do not expect the corrupted,spineless cowards of the Arab League to do more than scold Israel time and time again and blame the resistance groups in Palestine and Lebanon for ’starting the problems’.

The Arab League should be dissolved as impulsively as it was fashioned to appease the masses.

Prepackaged madness,pseudo-activism,a monopoly on humanity …
Nothing good comes from convening with a great mass of corrupted leaders who end their meetings with nothing more than blood drenched handshakes and pathetic attempts at diplomacy with an inherent evil.

The Arab League,in all its pathetic charades,should be dissolved.



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