“Rehman Malik sold Pashtoon to the Americans”

Cynicism among Pakistani refugees

Most displaced people say they have left their homes not because of the Taleban’s excesses, but because of shelling by the army.

“The Taleban captured our area and started patrolling the streets, they snatched vehicles from NGO staff, government officials and private individuals, and they threatened local people,” says Nasir Ali, a high school student.

“But it wasn’t as bad as the shelling by the army – that was what actually forced us to leave our homes.”…

I interviewed a large number of refugees in Swabi, but I did not meet a single person who actually saw the army and the Taleban as members of opposing camps.

Instead, I heard, they were “two sides of the same coin”.

“The Pakistani army has hurt us badly – but while they have killed civilians, I swear I haven’t seen a single shell directed at the Taleban,” says Shahdad Khan, a refugee sheltering at a camp in Swabi’s Shave Ada area.

Others question the Pakistani military’s stated commitment to “eliminating” the Taleban.

“No way,” Siraj tells me.

“The army brought the Taleban to our area! It’s politics. The Taleban and the army are brothers.” [continued…]

It is indeed hard to make sense of it all, particularly if the report is coming from BBC. Is this part of the propaganda to  keep the pressure on and leave the doors open for an assault on Pakistan army once it is done servicing its masters and can’t drain itself and destabilize Pakistan any more?

Or is this reprot mixing the truth with falsehood because the reporter couldn’t hear anything substaintial about the Taliban excesses which could justify this war within Paksitan?

Or does it prove that Taliban is the label given to those terrorist elements which have been supported by RAW and CIA and sent in to Paksitan to do exactly what the “Mujahideen” used to do againt the Soviet regime in Kabul. Those Mujahidden, too, were fully convinced that they were fighting in the cause of Allah, but where did that greater cause go when the Soviet left and their Jihad turned into a struggle for more power, loot and plunder and butchery of ordinary Afghans?

Whatever may be the real truth, what we cannot ignore is the fact that there is far more to the story than these headlines can tell us. “Taliban” and “Paksitan army” and the rulers in Islamabad or White House are mere puppets in the hands of the real powers behind the scene. The world is in the grip of a perfect tyranny.

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