Abid Ullah Jan: The Last Message for Pakistan

War and violence is not a solution to anything at all. War is imposed on Pakistan from outside as is the reaction to that war carefully engineered by the same forces. This combination of war and counter violence is called the ‘war within Pakistan.’ Peace is the only answer to the imposed war and planned balkanization of the country.

Abid Ullah Jan

For the people of Pakistan, here are the last words of my more than 20 years of work as an independent political analyst.

After pulling down ICSSA.org on March 6, 2008 and removing my years of work due to some rude realizations, DictatorshipWatch helped me put the facts in context in a new way. However, this experience also didn’t prove fruitful.

DW was subjected to hackers attacks, accusations from the ISI-propped commentators, labels of being a RAW and Mossad front and PTA’s internet ban under Zardari’s new tyrannical regime. Above all the futility of regurgitating the same conclusions without any impact is one of the factors that have led to this last message from DW with little remaining hope for Pakistan and its suffering masses.

The immediate priority for the nation, the decision makers, the warriors and the reactionaries is to understanding that survival of Pakistan lies in peace.

War and violence is not a solution to anything at all. War is imposed on Pakistan from outside as is the reaction to that war carefully engineered by the same forces. This combination of war and counter violence is called the ‘war within Pakistan.’ Peace is the only answer to the imposed war and planned balkanization of the country.

A quick look over the history tells us that Pakistan and India were not granted independence in 1947. It was a strategic withdrawal with so many bones of contention left for the two countries to keep fighting and draining their energy and resources.

India got a better deal in the end because the totalitarians, unfortunately, needed Muslims to be presented as the enemy after the fall of Soviet Union. Pakistan became the high value target due to its military strength and nuclear power. Iran and Iraq share the same tragedy and fate but the approach to dealing with each of them is different.

Another curse imposed on Pakistan since its inception has been the direct intervention and support provided to tyrant after tyrant, or one ‘democratic’ puppet after another. Together all these puppets undermined the country in various sways. The army was used as a mercenary forces against its own people as well as against the Soviet Union.

These puppets fought the American Jihad in Afghanistan with motivation for ‘mujahideen’ and justification for their cause provided through the ‘Jihad’ literature printed in the US – University of Nebraska at Omaha (See Washington Post archives) to be precise.

Many gullible Muslims from all over the world, particularly Pakistan sacrificed their lives in the CIA-led-Jihad, thinking they were fighting in the cause of Allah. Regardless of the foot soldiers’ intention, the undeniable fact remains that it was a ‘Jihad’ in the cause of the United States against the former Soviet Union. According to Zbigniew Brzezinski, the Soviet Union would never have intervened in Afghanistan had the US not provoked it.

After the Afghan ‘jihad,’ Pakistan’s army and ISI were once more engaged in propping up Taliban for the United States interest. This scribe pointed out in 1995 that whatever was presented in the US media about the rise of the Taliban was no more than a fairy tale – pure propaganda to be precise. Without the US support through Pakistan’s mercenary army, defeating the Afghan warlords, who were groomed by the CIA and who had defeated the Soviet Union, was just not possible.

Later on, it was shocking to see the full scale ISI-support to Taliban in service of the US strategic interests. However, when the Taliban refused to toe the line, they had to be removed from power just like many others around the world who became victim to the US engineered regime changes around the world.

That phase of using and abusing Pakistan is over. Now the reverse tide of the US-led Afghan Jihad is in full swing. According to the plan, the mercenary army is used to conquer its own country and attacks on the sitting government are planned and executed exactly like the war of terror against the Soviet-backed government in Kabul. No one cared about the collateral damage then and no one cares about it now.

Dollars are being funneled to support the so-called ‘Jihadi groups’ in Pakistan. At the same time, terrorists from outside, posing as the Taliban and al-Qaeda, an sent in from Afghanistan. Last week, the US regime in Islamabad claimed that 400 foreigners were arrested. Did anyone investigate them honestly? Are they Taliban from Afghanistan? Does it make any sense that Afghans would come from their occupied homeland and prefer to die at the hands of Pakistani forces? What could be the cause and motivation?

The reason it is Afghan Jihad in reverse is that disgruntled Afghans are now being used to settle score with Pakistan, which they believe has destroyed their country.

Within Pakistan, supporting a movement in the name of Islam is not something new for the US. This is the only potent weapon in the hands of the CIA. Nothing is easy than galvanizing sentiments and mobilizing a reaction in the name of Islam.

The easy way to create insurgency or a Jihad movement within Pakistan is to make the central government look like un-Islamic, working with the enemies of Islam and killing its own people. And there you go. Soon you will have thousands of foot soldiers ready to sacrifice their lives to fight the “evil” regime. In the 1970s, the US used the same strategy and pumped millions of dollars into the movement for Tahreek-e-Nifaz-e-Shariat in Pakistan to make overthrow of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s government possible.

The present imposition of the ‘war on Terrorism’ on Pakistan is part of the strategy to make the central government look evil. On the other hand, covert support to the ‘Jihadi’ – insurgent – groups and terrorist from outside is increased simply to continue the action (from Pakistan military) and the reaction for the planned softening up of the high value target – Pakistan.

So the US-led-Jihad directed at Soviet puppet regimes in Kabul has now taken a u-turn. It is now directed at Islamabad through a clever manipulation of physical suffering, the divide and rule formula and the law of nature that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Subject any country to the factors engineered for Pakistan and it will meet the same fate.

The way out for Pakistan is to stop glamorizing the war and the reactionary violence as Jihad. Both the mercenary army and the reactionaries are furthering the cause of those who are bent on destroying Pakistan as we know it.

The true Jihad at the moment is staying away from the imposed from outside war and the engineered-from-within counter violence because that is exactly what is intended for Pakistan: the war within Pakistan – just as the war within Iraq. Otherwise, how could the US prolong its stay in Iraq without pitting Shia and Sunni against each other? To weaken Pakistan from within, a war within Pakistan was a key requirement. This war has to stop to give Pakistan a fighting chance for its survival.

The solution does not lie in war or counter violence. Pakistan is already “a declared war zone by US and Britain” and no one in Pakistan has asked “Why?” The foot-soldiers on both sides have been blinded into believing that they are fighting a war in the cause of Allah and the survival of Pakistan.

The war and counter war, the violence and counter violence has to stop. The polarization between “moderate” and “Mullah” extremes has to come to the middle and common ground to understand the horrible consequences of their sticking to extreme positions. Pakistani political and military ‘leadership’ have to find a way to make this happen because no one from outside can do it for them.

The Tribal-belt is deliberately being depopulated in a bid to stave off any future resistance in the case of planned Balkanization and denuclearlization of Pakistan. The U.N. says 1.5 million flee in Pakistan as it prepared to launch its well-known internationalising mission. The US has finally declared that if has plans to secure Pakistan’s nuclear weapons if the country to the Taliban. It means that its now necessary for the warlords to make Pakistan, at least, appear to be losing to the Taliban (if in fact that is not the case at all). This makes an end to the bloodshed all the more important.

With this last message, DictatorshipWatch has decided to cease its commentary on the news reports because from now onwards it would be no more than a running commentary on the planned demise of Pakistan and the agony of our loved ones – an agony that could have been avoided if any of our earlier analysis had been taken seriously.

The 2005 book, ‘The Musharraf Factor: Leading Pakistan to its Inevitable Demise,’ pointed out certain conditions and elements that were threatening the very existence of Pakistan. Instead of any improvement, the situation has further deteriorated on all those counts over the last few year.
The Mush factor has started a chain reaction. The enemies within multiplied and they are at the helms of affairs to intensify the war within. The press and media have imposed self-censorship on themselves and perpetuating the same lies and deceptions that glorify the war. With the exception of Imran Khan there is no honest leader at the national level, who can tell a spade a spade. There is no uniting force or personality which can influence change and bring everyone to the common ground with a pragmatic and sensible approach. That’s why the responsibility once more comes down on the shoulder of those who are actually expanding the conflict to the rest of the country inch by inch.

It is not an easy decision to shut up in circumstance when you need to speak up. But the futility of 20 years of long work is such a heavy burden and commenting on the long predicted suffering of the nation so difficult that there is hardly any motivation left to continue. The previous DW content will, however, remain on line as the unfolding events will vindicate its validity, impartiality, sincerity and most unfortunately its futility.


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