Pathway To Darkness

Part 1: “The Easter Bombers”


On April 8, 2009, amid a blaze of publicity, police in the north of England arrested 12 men who were Officially Described As (ODA) “terror suspects”.

England’s Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, congratulated the police and intelligence agencies on having broken up “a very big plot”.

Police spokesmen were mostly mum but anonymous sources told the British media that the authorities had foiled an imminent attack which would have involved multiple suicide bombers.

Eleven of the suspects were ODA Pakistani nationals living in the UK on student visas. Sources told the British papers the suspects came from the “lawless tribal region” of northwest Pakistan and were linked with the al Qaeda terrorists whose global headquarters is ODA in the same region….Part 2: Babar Ahmad and the TSG


In March of 2009, Babar Ahmad, who is Officially Described As (ODA) a “UK terror suspect”, was awarded £60,000 in damages pertaining to an exceptionally violent arrest which he endured more than five years earlier.

Ahmad [photo] is accused of supporting terrorism by raising money and equipment for jihadi groups through a pro-terrorist website and is fighting extradition to the USA.

He is wanted in the case involving Hassan Abujihaad, in a story that involves William “Jameel” Chrisman and (tangentially) Derek Shareef, all of whose names have graced these pages in days past.

To recap briefly: Derrick Shareef, ODA “a mall bomber”, is currently serving 35 years in federal prison after trading a pair of stereo speakers for a box which he thought contained four grenades. The grenades were non-functional, the arms dealer who took the speakers as payment was working for the FBI, and the bogus arms deal was arranged by William “Jameel” Chrisman, a convicted felon now also working for the FBI….

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