Stop Romanticizing This War

By Dr. Haider Mehdi

“At least 80 militants were killed and three soldiers martyred while 21 suicide vehicles, motor cyclists and bombers were eliminated during the …operation in Buner district…The operation in Buner is progressing smoothly…three soldiers embraced Shahadat, says ISPR Press release…”
The Nation, May 4, 2009

Pakistan’s political and military establishment is “romanticizing” the so-called “war on terrorism” – a war against its own people that has been going on for almost a decade now and which has its inauspicious origin in the dubious and odious American global agenda in this region of the world. The latest political tendency to “romanticize” this conflict is a dangerous phenomenon because the strategic contents of this policy do not offer a resolution to the issues involved – the logistics adopted here will only intensify and completely wreck the chances of a peaceful resolution of this country’s problematics. This is a war that, if continued, will not eliminate the enemies of Pakistan. It will most certainly kill Pakistan. The escalation and the “romanticizing” of this war poses the ultimate existential threat to this nation…

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