PML-N to PPP: “Please Go Pee for Us”

Instead of filing a case against Musharraf themselves, PML-N is asking PPP once again to do it for them. Am I to believe PML-N collectively has no lawyers?

This really is pathetic but business-as-usual for PML-N. How many times have we heard from their spokesman Ahsan Iqbal asking PPP to file a resolution for repeal of 17th Amendment or for removal of 58-2 B? How many deadlines have passed for that and yet no action by PML-N.

What I find laughable is that the main thing they are asking PPP to do now is to file a case against Musharraf for the murder of Benazir Bhutto while forgetting the repeated rape and murder — proven of course — of the Constitution. In fact their in-action — not filing a resolution themselves and working with the government with all those changes in constitution in place — is tantamount to becoming the very accomplices of those acts of Musharraf.


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