What’s with PML-N and Rape?

Yesterday reports came out about PML-N MNA Zahid Hussain providing shelter to rapists and today we have a PML-N MPA — Munawar Ali Gill — himself accused of raping a lady.

It was only a month ago that PML-N’s Malik Usman had raped and murdered a 12-year old girl. He is being backed and another PML-N MNA Rana Zahid came to his rescue. What is interesting is the statement offered in defense of Mr. Usman by Dr Sagheer, he MS of the Arifwala THQ Hospital. He

claimed that some individuals were politicising the issue because they did not get PML-N tickets in the previous elections. He said Kiran had relations with Usman and died due to a mistreated abortion.

Ah, so we can be certain the guy was at least screwing a 12-year old. That sure makes it OK in PML-N’s book, I guess…

P.S. Geo is reporting the perpetrator of the latest rape Mr. Munawar has stepped down as MPA. Of course we all know the resignation was demanded and accepted not on moral grounds but political….


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