Funny News Items of the Day

Government agrees to increase HEC budget by 30%

I find it funny because it was this very government that that earlier this year cut the HEC budget by some 40%, leading to HEC cutting a whopping 73% from the budget of the universities. Are they now going to claim “We increased the education budget!”? You bet!!! But here is a related item that is funnier still:

‘Failed’ education policy may remain in force for another two years
So you know the money is going to be put to good use….NOT!

WB approves $900m loan for Pakistan

The news is funny on many levels.

First, these loans are “to improve education in Pakistan’s Punjab and Sindh provinces”. Now if anyone needs improvement in education a LOT MORE than Punjab and Sindh, it is Baluchistan and NWFP. And looking at the stories above also add to the humor of this piece.

Second, it states: “The World Bank money comes as Pakistan struggles with a balance of payments crisis and fighting in the northwest of the country that has left 2.5 million people homeless.” So basically the money is going to be used 1) for payments back to where the money is coming from and 2) what is left — if anything — it is NOT for the biggest crises facing the country.

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