IDP Corner

While the government and army claim one victory after another in Swat, the situation on the ground seems to put them all to shame. I don’t know how many towns — our own — have been conquered by our army so far and made “safe” for return, civilians are still streaming out of there every chance they get. And who’d blame them? Even Afghanistan appears safer. Mingora, one of the first towns “liberated”, is still a ghost town, with no electricity, no gas, no food, and no communication lines. Their crops are destroyed as well. Though Rehman Malik keeps asking people to go back to their homes, the government officials of the area are doing the opposite and discouraging refugees from returning. Things going back to normal seems a long way off as the army is already claiming it will need to stay there for a year at least .

Things at the IDP camps appear to be heading for the worst.

UN is claiming it is running out of money and has warned against disease outbreak in the IDP camps. It is also expected that this month alone, some 6000 IDP women to give birth, with an estimated 900 requiring life-saving surgery from complications — facilities for which are non-existent in the camps. 

Of the promised aid, only 11% seems to have been received so far . 

maybe the refugees can take comfort in the fact that their issue is among those to be taken up today in the Senate. In the mean time, those not yet registered have to wait  for five days as registration has been suspended. Those already registered have to wait another week for cash grants.

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