Musharraf’s Ghost: PML-N Gets in Bed with PPP/MQM

With every passing day we see PML-N trying hard to become more and more like PPP/MQM. Of course today is no different. Below are some of the latest actions by PML-N that make it seem it has no identity of it’s own any more:

#1: PML-N and Hafiz Saeed Release:

As reported earlier, Jamatud Dawa chief Hafiz Muhammad Saeed was released earlier this week by Lahore High Court (LHC) observing “he government has no sufficient grounds to detain the petitioners for preventive measures.” This alone shows the government had no evidence against him and his arrest was just admittedly a “preemptive strike” without any grounds.

You would think that would be the end of the story. [Of course I am kidding] But with both a “concerned” India and “angry” US showing their displeasure, you know their slaves would go through the hoops, “free-judiciary” be damned.

So in order to please their masters, both PPP AND PML-N are trying to one up one another. One the one hand we have AG Khosa is now claiming “proof against Hafiz Saeed given to LHC” (What I want to know is why wait to provide proof till after the virdict??). On the ther hand we find out that this so- called “proof” is no proof at all but a confirmation of the lack of it. You can judge it for yourself as he said:


Evidence against Hafiz Saeed cannot be made public either by the government or the courts due to its sensitive nature” 


So that to your AG is what comprises “complete proof.” He goes on to add he wants to keep Hafiz Saeed in jail because of “the ground realities as to why it was necessary to keep Hafiz Saeed under detention otherwise, there will be law and order disturbance.” and admits this is “pre-emptive, rather than punitive, detention.”

This certainly goes to prove one thing only: That Hafiz Saeed’s attorny AK Dogar’s claim that “His detention was illegal and so the LHC had rightly decided to set him free” IS VALID.

Of course AG Latif Khota goes on to defy the court’s decision and says no matter,Hafiz Saeed will be held in detention and the PML-N/Punjab government does the dirty work of carrying out that contempt of court by detaining him under section 3, despite the courts order, and plans to appeal the court’s decision. Of course they had it planned all along (which too shows the government’s case was no case at all and PML-N too knew the outcome).

Hello Buddy! Sorry, Not You — But YOU!

Reports have been making the rounds about a planned meeting between Nawaz and Zardari. Realizing it still doesn’t “look good” towards selling the perception the two are at odd, PPP today denied any such meeting was going to take place and Nawaz denied there was a deal between him and Zardari. The “deal” that is probably being talked about is the one that Holbrooke let slip about the repeal of 17th Amendment (When will it happen, God only knows). Right! But does it really matter? We know Shahbaz has been meeting with him regularly since the beginning and Nawaz has been meeting Gillani regularly. But why meet the underling when you can meet the boss himself? 🙂

Fuck the IDPs

Let’s not forget: As posted previously (seeWho’s ‘Perverse’ Now, Ayaz Amir?), we already know PML-N took a page from MQM’s book and blocked IDPs from entering Punjab. So I DO appreciate PML-Q criticizing both Punjab and Sindh for banning IDPs’ entry.

Who Has More Crooks?

There were days when this was an easy question to answer. Not any more (see What’s with PML-N and Rape?). Latest news is:

But what really pisses me off is guys like Ayaz Amir (MNA of PML-N, of course) still have the gall to lecture others. See for example his latest titled “Changing the way we have been”. How about starting with you own damn party??? Remember he was recently calling MQM perverse for blocking the IDPs from entering Sindh and when his own party did the very same thing, not a word came out of him (Yes, I did email him but am still awaiting a reply…..)

P.S. Nawaz: Please shut up about continuing to voice your “opposition” to those drone attacks. We know you are as serious as Zardari….We know who is yanking your chain 😉


1 Response to “Musharraf’s Ghost: PML-N Gets in Bed with PPP/MQM”

  1. 1 Taukeer June 7, 2009 at 3:39 pm

    Looks like Musharraf’s ghost is multiplying!!! At this rate God only know what will become of us in the “Four More Years”!

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