Farah Ispahani: Drone Attacks Are for Our Own Good

Well, well, well! When you think you have heard it all, here comes Zardari’s media advisor and wife of Harami Haqqani, Farah claiming drone attacks are good for providing comfort and a sence of security for the people of Pakistan:

Link to the story from Jang


4 Responses to “Farah Ispahani: Drone Attacks Are for Our Own Good”

  1. 1 Ahmed June 9, 2009 at 11:44 am

    This is not true. The Journalist who interviewed her grossly mis-quoted her. For your information, all the newspapers are carrying her statement where she has clarified that such comments were never made by her.

  2. 2 nota June 10, 2009 at 7:23 am

    You are right in that all the news papers are now carrying her clarification.

    But the sad thing is it is almost believable. Knowing her and her husband, it would not be beyond them to state something like this. In fact her husband has done a lot worst things and there is a reason he is known as “India’s Ambassador” and “US Ambassadr”.

    One certainly can not deny the fact that it was him who drafted the bill to allow transport to Afghanistan AND BEYOND through Pakistan, something Indai had been seeking for some 43 years. And Haqqani did not deny it.

    It was also Haqqani who drafted the bill for the conditions put on American “aid” to Pakistan and shut out the Pakistan lobby in Washington. And Haqqani did not deny that.

    It was Haqqani who was acting literaly as a pimp for Zardari, providing him with girls on his recent trip. And Haqqani did not deny that.

    BTW: Do you know who the journalist was so we can find out more? Remember it was Musharraf who had stated “Pakistani women cry rape to get a visa” and came up with the same “misquoted” excuse until it fell flat when CNN called him a liar outright and put up the audio of the interview on their website to prove it. Also remember this statement is really not that odd from the current administration, having heard the jewels from our Defence Minister Ahmed Mukhtar like “If they are carrying out drone attacks, it must be for a reason”, “drones have only the right to land but not take-off”, “Drones do not violate our borders”. This government still denies the drones are flown from local bases but everyone knows. This government still “protests” drone attacks but everyone knows they have an agreement with US to allow the same. in fact they fully cooperate and at times even suggest targets for them. That is common knowledge and cannot be denied.

  3. 3 ZJ July 1, 2009 at 3:41 pm

    shame on you…..using foul language canno help u win arguments.
    whatever you may say about mr haqqani accusing him or zardari of such pathetic and ugly things shows that you only operate on speading ugly innuendo….islam teaches us not to tell lies or spread lies without any basis in truth. if u r a muslim u will face allah on the day of judgement for these evil words.
    maybe u r jealous as u are not a scholar, writer, diplomat or president. do u serve pakistan in any way…?
    ps do you know miss isphani or mr haqqani or are u just a negative and gutless person who instead of having the guts to be in public life then them resorts to anonymous blogs.

    • 4 nota July 2, 2009 at 2:39 pm

      Apologies Zehra. Didn’t know you had a crush on him 😉

      Well I don’t know Ms Isphani personally but I do know her very well. I certainly am very familiar with Mr. Haqqani and we affectionately call him the Mr. Slimeball (Hope you find that easier to swallow than Harami — which he is :-P)

      Zehra — now be honest! What relationship do you have with him? I am curious because from all my posts you picked this one to go all crazy and start foaming at the mouth. I think I was being a lot meaner with Mr. Qwais Ghani and that post is right at the top right now but you found no problem with that one. So what did Haqqani do for you? Why such “loyalty” to such a scumbag? What “bakhshish” has he thrown you way or what favor from him are you working towards? Now be honest — remember “islam teaches us not to tell lies or spread lies without any basis in truth. if u r a muslim u will face allah on the day of judgement” 😉

      I will be awaiting your answer. Remember: Be HONEST!!!!

      BTW: You can learn a lot more about Mr. Haqqani by clicking this link. This is but one link. I CAN provide you more if you so desire and have the guts to face the truth (which I am sure you don’t)

      Interesting to note you appear to be a fan of Zardari’s too. Wow! Woman, you have such bad taste you wanna make me puke…

      Also, did you know he was neocon mole?

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