Another Nail In The “Unity” Myth’s Coffin

Remember how we have been told over and over that all people are “united” in this “war” that is “ours”? Well then why the need ask “ ask public to support anti-Taliban drive“? Doesn’t under that belie the fact that we are not united in this “cause”?

We all remember the stunt pulled by PZP about the “unity” of the APC on Swat. It too turned out to be a lie (spread with the help of PML-N and the media who pasted that lie in every headline knowing full well it wasn’t true)

And see what these shameless bastards are using now to try and get their way:

Pakistani officials are moving swiftly to use the suicide bombing of a luxury hotel in their campaign to build public support for military offensives against the Taliban, saying the country is at war.”

(Yes, it is nothing more than a “product” marketing campaign. Was Peshawar our own latest little Reichstag? )

Hitler’s Reichstag Fire & Bush’s 9/11: LOTS in COMMON


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