WHO Yells “Boo!” Again

WHO poised to declare first flu pandemic since 1968

Of course they go on to admit:

“In fact, what we are seeing with this virus so far is overwhelmingly to date mild disease. So we would think that this event is really a moderate event for the time being, because the numbers are high but the disease is overwhelmingly mild.

And they know people wont be reading the fine print but rushing to get their flu shots that never ever work.

Of course it is a et another hoax, like many perpetrated over the years. We are still living with Swine Flu ‘hoqwash’ (and the same scare was tried back in 1976). Before that we had Bird Flu that was going to kill us all (of course Hollywood always plays it’s part to spread the fear). And remember West Nile virus, Lyme Disease, Anthrax, and SARS? HIV/AIDS? Mad Cow? Ebola? Flesh-eating Bacteria? Drug-resistant TB and Super-Bug? Etc. etc. The list is unending…

I specially remember the media campaign for the SARS scare. I was surprised to find that ALL three major news magazines Time, Newsweek, and US News and World Report had almost identical covers one week:

Sure flu kills but never as advertised. Here are a few quotes from the articles linked above:

“Finally, the CDC’s own “Flu Pandemics” page puts deaths in the United States from the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918-1919 at 500,000, Asian Flu pandemic of 1957-58 at 70,000, and the Hong Kong Flu pandemic of 1968-69 at 34,000. These are the three 20th century pandemics, and two of them killed close to what the CDC is now calling average. What’s going on here?”

“And did these learned scholars of immunology, virology, and general public health debate the merits of vaccinating against a virus that kills less than 1,000 people in most years?”

“Overseas, the biggest health problems that could benefit from our attention are malnutrition and the lack of clean water and proper sewage. Diseases like schistosomiasis and malaria thrive because of poor public health conditions. But our outreach does not emphasize them. Our public health system appears to be much more concerned about a disease like bird flu transforming into something that could threaten us than it does in helping the world with diseases that already threaten poor people everywhere. More than 16 million people die every year of malnutrition. Eight hundred million people worldwide currently suffer from hunger and malnutrition. How many people who survive mainly on poultry will have this food taken from them if worldwide health authorities–their perceived need to act in a hurry fueled by media reports–continue to kill domestic fowl indiscriminately whenever H5N1 appears?”

Think about it!

Don’t be so gullible!!

Appears I left out “The Economist”:

Here’s a good read on the subject:

The world seems to get more insane every day. Mainstream media in developed nations have in the past few days become frantic in their efforts to spread Fear and Panic. Why? Because of an outbreak of a new variant influenza virus that has so far infected a few thousand people and killed, up to now, around 150.

Since when did people dying become so unacceptable? People die all the time. Life’s a bitch. Swine ’flu is still a long way from being a pandemic — it is not even a national epidemic in Mexico yet. “But millions could die,” protest the peddlers of Fear and Panic. Note the “could,” and the lack of “will.” The only thing that is epidemic at the moment is hyperbole….

Did we say 152 swine flu deaths so far? Oh, oops sorry, we meant 7!


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