Personification of Shameless Incompetence

I iAM/i incompetent

"I am incompetent."

“Hina Rabbani Khar blamed the current economic crisis on the incompetence of the last government. It should be noted Ms Khar was Minister of State for Economic Affairs in that very government”

Isn’t it any surprise then that we have a “pro-poor” budget raises the price of items that they consume the most and encourages them to spend what’s left on cheap cell phones(see Pulses, tea to become costlier, cellphone cheaper)?

Some other interesting features:

Petroleum development levy to end in FY10 BUT Carbon surcharge will be introduced in FY10. So Hina giveth and Hina taketh away….

Withholding tax on domestic vehicles ended. Ah, the poor must be really excited since they can’t even afford a bicycle….

Agriculture and value addition to be given special attention. Ah, so Rs 18 billion for Agriculture will cover it. Compare that to Rs 262 billion allocated for federal ministries.


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