Imran Khan, The Pussy(cat)

From Kissing Musys @ss to Kiyanis

"Short Distance from Kissing Musy's @ss to Kissing Kiyani's"

After going on and on about how stupid and costly and self-defeating the current military operation is, Imran Khan has but one recommendation:

“Soldier on!”

And he has the nerve to talk about “contradiction in the government’s policy”!

I think he took John Kerry’s d!ck up his arse and that is what is doing the talking — and a donation might have helped. This reminds me: Isn’t he always blasting others for holding out the beggar’s bowl when every week he himself is out of the country with a beggar’s bowl of his own (under the pretense of Shaukat Khanum Hospital)?  What nerve!!!

IK’s fan club I am sure will be happy pointing out he’s better than The Snake, whose latest muttering I am sure will give you joy:
Pakistan ‘created, nurtured’ terrorism: Zardari Concedes

Well, be happy with the lowered expectations.


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