News July 08, 2009

SC suspends carbon surcharge (Text of SC short order on carbon tax)
resulting in:
POL prices tumbling
Pigs Squeal
saying they’d have none of it:
Govt to take its case on carbon tax before SC, says Gilani
and the biggest of the pigs met for a third time:
PM, COAS meet Zardari again
Planning another coup against the CJ?

More details of ‘legal’ theft by Mush and Shauki come out



Imran Khan looses his b@lls once again (changes his stance and wants Malakand Operation to coninue) and comes out against the demands of the humanitarian organizations of the area (who want it stopped)

(Where’s Jamiat when you need it???)

Ansar Abbasi with WB’s help exposes the “extremely gloomy picture of Pakistan’s power sector that is marred by corruption and inefficiency but sells electricity to the public for a price that is 60 per cent higher than that of India and 40 per cent more than that of Bangladesh.”

Second Drone Strike in Two Days

Shireen Mazari on America’s Nuclear Games


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