NATO Plays the ‘Good Cop’

NATO Has no Mandate to Stop the Drone Attacks inside Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, Admiral Giampaolo Di Paola, has said that NATO has no mandate to stop the drone attacks inside Pakistani territory as they were being carried out by he United States.

Di Paola, who is in Islamabad on an official visit in which he met top military brass of the country, told a news conference here Thursday that Pakistan has a right to “protest over the drone attacks” on its land. He claimed that the relations between Pakistan and NATO will not be kept restricted only to cooperation on Afghanistan and vowed to “achieve victory over militants”in the region with the help of the governments and people of the two countries.

Di Paola further claimed that the NATO forces will leave the region once they achieved “their objectives”, saying that his forces have no ambition to “conquer Afghanistan like Alexander the Great”.

Of course the mvtherfvcker thinks we don’t know he gets his paycheck from the “President” of NATO, the main “partner” of NATO — the “Bad Cop” U.S. (It is called “NATO” and NOT “EUTO” for a reason…


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