Banyay Ka Bayta: Two New Nawaz-Zardari “Rifts”

Recently I was a bit surprised to find Nawaz Sharif — once again– bitching about his partner Zardari’s ‘government’ (see PPP-PML-N pact nothing but piece of paper: Nawaz) and wondered what was it that Nawaz wanted this time? It is my observation that Nawaz only speaks the truth ONLY when he wants to twist the governments hand to give him something. Well, i did not have to wait long. This time what Nawaz wanted was abolishment of the Local Government System and he got it. And once he got it, he shut up like a wh*re with paid her fee. Who cares if it was against the constitution to do it this way. (Also note the system has officially not been abolished but PML-N knows better and claims it is history. (Also interesting to note is the lies being told by PM Gillani about this — First it was claimed only the elections were being postponed due to security reason. The very next day he claimed the LG system was “illegal, unconstitutional” (If that is the case, then why just “postpone the elections” of what is “illegal, unconstitutional”?)

Gilani says local govts illegal, unconstitutional
LG administrators termed violation of Constitution
Rule of Flaw
LG being abolished because it failed: PML-N
LG system to be dissolved: Nazims to be replaced with administrators, says PM
Well, the latest “row” involves Hafiz Saeed release. Remember how quick Punjab government was to challenge the court’s order for his release AND dispite it, it put Hafiz Saeed under house arrest? Well, in the latest turn of events, Punjab government seems to have disassociated itself from Hafiz Saeed case (or have they? See Punjab claims to have ‘confidential evidence’ against Hafiz Saeed). Of course the earlier decision of the court had not mattered and neither had the recent SC observation (see UN resolution doesn’t cover Saeed’s arrest: SC) So what has changed? What is the Banya looking for this time to go and ask Zardari personally (see Asif Ali Zardari calls Nawaz Sharif, Sharif agrees to meet)?


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