Aitzaz Meets Kiyani: What Witch’s Brew is Aitzaz Brewing Now

AitzazkiyaniRecently it was reported by the papers that Aitzaz Ahsan had met secretly with General Kiyani. The news of this odd meeting certainly caused “stir in political circles already agog with wild guessing game about future of present setup.”

Upon discovery — and ten days later — Aitzaz the snake offered the lamest of excuses followed by the usual empty political cliches. He claimed it was a “purely a private meeting” and that it was in response to the request by Kiyani — and get this — that Kiyani made “when the army chief spoke to him on March 16 during the long march when it had reached Gujranwala on way to Islamabad. Aitzaz claims Kiyani invited him “for a cup of tea” back then which he accepted and only now had the time to go through with it i.e. after more than four months. The story continues:

When asked whether the Supreme Court case and army’s possible political role were discussed during the meeting with Gen. Kayani, Aitzaz said that he was neither Sharifuddin Pirzada nor Malik Qayyum. He said he would never encourage, facilitate or advise any political role for the army.

“It was, however, a pleasant meeting and army’s successes in Swat and FATA were discussed,” Aitzaz said. When pressed further, he said that golf also came under discussion. Aitzaz said he was committed to the democratic system. “The case in the Supreme Court was neither discussed nor he has any role to play in the proceedings or decision of the case,” he added.He said that he had a commitment to the democratic system and an independent judiciary. When asked if there were likely to be any further meetings between the two, Aitzaz said that they may play golf together in future but no politics would be discussed.

Right! Remember the role he played to make sure the Long March did not achieve it’s main objective (Complete Reversal of Nov 3) and also keep in mind the fact that he today is heading the team of lawyers defending the Bank of Punjab scam. His partners in this attempt to cover up that crime? How about Sharifuddin Pirzada along with Wasim Sajjad, two former Prosecutors Generals of NAB Irfan Qadir, Naveed Rasool Mirza and Fake “Dr” Babar Awan.

Now you be the judge if Aitzaz is telling the truth. Also keep in mind the timing of this meeting. It happens at the time when an important case is currently taken up by the Supreme Court relating to Nov 3, 2007 in which Kiyani WAS fully involved. So Tariq Butt and other’s are right to ask:

“Was it just a courtesy call?”

I say the answer is a plain, simple, “Hell NO!!!”


Can you spot the snake in the grass? (Click to see bigger image)

Can you spot the snake in the grass? (Click to see bigger image)


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