Baloch vs the Government or Government vs the Baloch

While Rehman ‘Nai’ Malik continues with his lies, claiming all missing persons from Balochistan are “actually getting training in terrorist camps in Balochistan”, and his bitches, the Frontier Corps (FC) try to show their ‘mettle’ by targeting young journalists and newspapers in Balochistan in their attempts to suppress the facts,  the struggle that can not be suppressed continues….

(The material below is reproduced from Balochwarna site that — like many others about Balochistan — are being blocked in Pakistan under the sorry excuse of “blasphemy”)

Reconciliation with Pakistan is not possible, need to get rid of it: Nawab Marri
MarriKarachi: “Pakistan has snatched our freedom, we can’t co-exist with Punjabi and reconciliation is not possible, we need to get rid of it at all costs. If India was helping Baloch then Pakistani helicopters and fighter jets would not have been be flying over Balochistan, Zardari has no power, he is a dummy. BNF and BNM are Baloch patriot parties”

Baloch patriot leader Nawab Khair Baksh Marri expressed these view while talking to a private TV channel.

He said that before and after Pakistan’s existence Balochistan was an Independent country, “we have nothing to do with Pakistan. Our language, culture, history, geography and everything else is different from Pakistan”.

22-08-2009 Daily Tawar has published the Text of Nawab Marri’s interview with a private TV channel:

Baloch National Struggle has cracked the government: Brahumdagh Bugti
BrahmdaghPasni: The leader of Baloch Republican Party Nawabzada Brahumdagh Bugti has said that Baloch Liberation movement has shaken the state [Pakistan] and now it [state] is looking for a safe passage. To weaken the Baloch movement politically the opposition has joined the ranks of enemy but their acts cannot harm the struggle for National liberation because the current war [struggle] is not the struggle of any one tribe but it Baloch Joint struggle which is only for Independence. He said this while in a telephonic address at a gathering about the upcoming death anniversary of Shaheed Nawab Akbar Bugti.

He said that Baloch are being treated like slaves from last 62 years. “We are forced to live life of a slave in our own homeland” he said. Talking about the current government atrocities he said that the current regime has broken all records of past governments’ atrocities and brutalities. He said the FC (frontier constabulary) has been given a free hand and there is state hooliganism everywhere in Balochistan. “The enemy has crossed all the boundaries by committing immoral and inhumane acts of abducting, killing and burning the dead bodies of Baloch activists” said Mr Bugti. He alleged that bodies of innocent children have been burnt and thousands of acres standing crops have also been deliberately set on fire.

He said thousands of innocent people have been martyred during army operation but despite such atrocities the Baloch freedom fighters have defeated the enemy force on battle ground. The Baloch Liberation struggle has shaken the roots of enemy and they (enemy) were now looking for a safe passage to get out.

He said to weaken the Baloch struggle on political grounds the opposition have joined the ranks of enemy but “we want tell them that they cannot harm Baloch cause by such acts because the current struggle is a joint struggle of Baloch people, this struggle is not being fought for the benefit of one tribe”. He said the martyrdom of Shaheed Nawab Bugti, Shaheed Balach Marri, Shaheed Ghulam Mohammed Baloch, Shaheed Lala Munir Baloch, Shaheed Sher Mohammad Baloch and thousands of other have intensified the Baloch movement and that is why the Baloch youth are joining the Baloch National Movement day by day. “Resistance is necessary against state atrocities”

he said. Baloch genocide has been continued since the murder of Shaheed Nawab Bugti, the arrest and abduction of thousands of Baloch is still continuing, he added.

He said Baloch have full right on Baluchistan’s resources and Baloch are the owner of Baluchistan coast [coastal belt]. He said Pakistan navy has occupied thousands of acres of land in Ormara which is the ancestral land of [Baloch residents of Ormara] Baloch people. The navy is planning to expel the local land owners from there which will not be tolerated. He said from Dera Bugti to Gwadar all Baloch are tied with same string (related to each other). “We need to make the fishermen aware about National struggle”, he said.

Central secratery Dr Bashir Azeem, BRSO Chairman Gulzar Dost Baloch, Waheed Baloch and others in their speeches while strongly condemning the enemy’s brutal policies said that Baloch Nation should unite and intensify the Baloch liberation struggle.



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  1. 1 Kaira Badar Fauzia Taseer August 25, 2009 at 3:54 am

    Do you know why Zardari goes to remote villages in China?

    Pig population in remote areas of China is dwindling fast. Male pigs are now extinct. Zardari goes there to buttress their population. He is very good at it.

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