PML-Q File: How NOT to Win Over Balochistan

Not that the Baloch give a damn about an apology (nor are they looking for an “amnesty“), it is funny that the men responsible for Bugti’s murder and many other atrocities against the Baloch (see Jamil Bugti’s statements below) — so much for “pure intentions” — going there to win then over with an attitude “we refuse to apologize!”

What filth!

Shujaat refuses to apologise on Balochistan issue
Monday, August 31, 2009

By Muhammad Ejaz Khan

Ch Shuj

Ch Shuj

QUETTA: PML-Q President Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain on Sunday refused to tender an apology on incidents that had occurred in Balochistan during his party’s rule.

Flanked by PML-Q Secretary-General Mushahid Hussain Sayed while addressing a news conference here, Shujaat said whatever had been done at that time in the province was with pure intentions.


Replying to a question about the delay in registration of a case of Akbar Bugti’s murder, Shujaat said a case should be lodged against those responsible for the murder and there should be an open trial over the killing.

He said the situation in Balochistan was deteriorating rapidly. He said he would approach the prime minister for improvement in the situation and invite him to the province, requesting him to stay there till the situation came under control.

He added that he would request the prime minister to hold talks with all the stakeholders in the province. He said if the rulers found a solution to the problems, then the PML-Q was ready to cooperate in this regard. The national flag would always be hoisted with honour in the province, he said.

Responding to a question, he denied that there was a Jinnahpur conspiracy, saying it was just a fake story. There were certain maps but the ground reality was different, he added. On the occasion, Mushahid said that from January 2009 to date, terrorist activities had claimed the lives of 238 people in 201 incidents in the province in addition to 672 people, who had been injured in these activities.

He added that the province had an average of one person killed and two injured daily. He said resistance offered by the people was corresponding to their ordeal, adding that if it crossed the threshold and a common man became a victim, then it was terrorism. Acts of this sort were done to destabilise and divide the province, he said.

He suggested that in order to solve the Balochistan issue, all the missing persons should be recovered and cases registered on political grounds should be withdrawn.All the people in the mountains, Dubai and London should be brought back and made part of the mainstream, he suggested.

Jamil Bugti accuses Shujaat of ‘misinformation’

Jamil Bugti

Jamil Bugti

QUETTA: Jamil Bugti on Friday accused Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid President Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain and Secretary General Mushahid Hussain of spreading “misinforming” about their meetings with his father, Akbar Bugti.

Talking to reporters at Bugti Bolak on the outskirts of Quetta, Jamil said his father had asked both the PML-Q leaders not to visit Dera Bugti if they did not have the authority to resolve Balochistan’s issues. Nevertheless, they visited the tribe and spread “misinformation” on their return claiming that Akbar Bugti had no objection to a military cantonment in Sui.

“As a matter of fact, my father demanded the military cantonment from Sui and elsewhere in Balochistan be moved,” he said.

On the safe passage offer to Akbar Bugti, Jamil said his father never trusted the “Punjabi leadership” as it wanted to trap him in Karachi for the army to arrest him.

“Shujaat Hussain’s offer to my father was a ploy to trap him and move him from the Bugti tribal territory in the garb of medical treatment in Europe,” he claimed.

On the post-attack visit to Dera Bugti by Shujaat and Mushahid, he said they wanted to make a passage for the troops to launch a bigger ground attack on the tribe and demanded the Bugti tribesmen vacate their positions and in return the army would vacate its positions in the nearby hills.


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