Is There Any Deal PML-N Has Not Made?

This strange denial caught my eye:
PML-N denies deal allowing Musharraf to escape

PML-N leader Ahsan dispelled the impression that resultant of the so-called great deal it would not hotly pursue the demand for registration of a case against Musharraf under serious offenses and trial.

He alleged that former President was only responsible for Lal Masjid Operation, bloodshed in NWFP, igniting the fire in Balochistan, ruthless killing of Nawab Akbar Bugti and hundreds of missing people.”

‘Dispel’ my arse! After screaming for months “Someone better sue Musharaf!”, Musharraf finally gets sued but guess what? They were the first to disown it (even though the case filed was by one of their own PML-N party leaders.) That this denial is just B.S. will become clear once you see the part about the Saudi intervention below.

I really will have to look back as to where the PML-N stood when Lal Masjid operation was going on, we all know they fully AND OFFICIALLY support “bloodshed in NWFP”, continuing to burn “fire in Balochistan”, which led to not only the “ruthless killing of Nawab Akbar Bugti” but many others since they got in bed with Zardari (No, don’t blame Mush for what is happening today, PML-N), and “hundreds of missing people” whose numbers continue to increase, thanks to PML-N support.

Regarding Mush’s prosecution, another deal about to be made (and one that will soon to be denied) is the one Nawaz will make with King Abdalla of Saudi Arabia. Remember Rehman Malik just met the King who then sent his own plane to bring Mushy to him and gave him ‘royal protocol’. And Rehman denied meeting Mush which means he did! Now Nawaz is scheduled to go see King Abdalla, his master, and you will see a softening of the stance by Nawaz or a whole lot more meaningless screaming as far as action against Mush is concerned. (Any wonder then that it is now Mush who is taunting with statements like “Pakistan’s foes must be tried for treason“)

And here is the latest on the 48-hour ultimatum PML-N gave PPP on the Brig. Imtiaz affair: In only 24 hours they have found the ultimatum “counter productive”. Already Ahsan Iqbal has forgotten about the “48 hours” and is now talking “in time. And also don’t hold your breath that PML-N will follow through with their new strategy that “we will expose govt’s ‘misdeeds'” instead.

Of course I knew the showdown was off when I saw PML-N playing kissy-kissy with PPP on all talkshows last night. Specially disappointing was watching Javed Hashmi of PML-N joining hands with PPP’s Kaira and taking a lead in attacking Ghulam Mustafa Khar instead of the other way around.

What gall PML-N has…What scumbags…What EUNUCHS!

UPDATE: Surprise! Surprise! The 48-Hour Ultimatum has been withdrawn officially at the passing of the 48 hours 🙂

Sher Aaya! Sher Bhaga!!

PML (N) calls off ultimatum to PPP
PML-N, PPP bury hatchet after Gilani intervention

Regarding Mush and Abdalla, here is a comment I had posted elsewhere:

Remember this watta-satta between two dictators:
Mush Gives Highest CIVILIAN Award to SA King

SA King Gives Highest CIVILIAN Award to Mush



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