The Death Wish of Pakistan’s Journo Class

Coming across “The Death Wish of Pakistan’s Political Class” by my old friend Ayaz Amir certainly made me laugh once again. I think the trouble with Ayaz is that he is trying to be true to two opposing identities at the same time and failing miserable as expected, his columns becoming a hodgepodge of meaningless rants.

In this one, he complains about all the attention being paid “the spent cartridge” Brig Imtiaz (well it appears he had some ‘barood‘ left) and fails to see that he is being guilty of the very same. He completely knocks down the Pakistani political class calling it “its own worst enemy” that is incompetent, has no ability to learn anything from the past and has unconquerable zest for intrigue that paves the way for takeover by saviors from the military. Here I agree with him and agree too that we are heading down the same path. But does he offer a solution? None besides ‘it shouldn’t happen!’

What really bothers me is that he once again takes a shot at the lawyers movement and denies them credit for getting rid of Musharraf (“but it was not the lawyers’ movement, which got Musharraf to take off his uniform”). This is coming from the MNA of a party that is incapable of introducing a resolution in the assembly against anything.

Talking about the current campaign against democracy, the line that really made me go “WTF?” was the following one:

“The first target of this campaign is President Asif Zardari.”

WTF, really? Even PPP doesn’t claim that. And if that was the aim of the current malicious campaign by the hidden hands, then why has been Ahsan Iqbal and PML-N shouting bloody murder against the presidency and talking about secret cells and giving 48-hour ultimatums? If that was the case, shouldn’t PML-N instead have locked lips with Zardari in the open??

Yes Ayaz, “the renewed focus on the ISI’s 1990 payments have completely distracted attention from other things.” And yes, we should be talking about the real issues this has distracted us from: “Musharraf’s trial under Article Six of the constitution and the question of repealing the 17th Amendment,” the wholesale corruption of both the political and the journalist class (and you belong to BOTH).

Wish you’d take your own advice — but then, your hands are tied 😉


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