Restoration is all it was, NOTHING more!

Ali Ahmed Kurd

Ali Ahmed Kurd

Couple of days ago, Ali Ahmed Kurd spoke at a ceremony at the Supreme Court marking the start of the new judicial year and that has not gotten the attention it deserved. It is a very significant statement coming from the President Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) and someone who led the movement for restoration:

President SCBA Ali Ahmad Kurd said all the segments of society had played their role in the restoration of judiciary and lawyers and common man had rendered unprecedented sacrifices for the rule of law. “But to my sight nothing had changed. A myriads of questions were brewing in the minds of the lawyers. The attitude of the judges and procedure of courts was the same what it was before the movement for restoration of judiciary was launched [“the same practice and the same attitude of judges from top to bottom is evident” as reported by another story]. People ask us what results have come out after the restoration of independent judiciary, he questioned. It was not correct to dismiss the cases in haste, he remarked. (source)

Mush Bush

Mush Bush

Now he is someone who knows the real situation. This certainly is no surprise. The last Supreme Court decision that supposedly struck down Nov 3 acts of Musharraf could not have adhered more to the “Doctrine of Necessity“, despite what claims CJP Ifitkar M Chaudhry makes.

We all know the decision the court made soon after Musharraf restored him briefly (the court allowed him to get himself “elected” as President and in uniform on September 28, 2007). And Musharraf was using those powers on Nov 3 2007 given to him by the very same Supreme Court to shut it down.

CJ IMC & Mush

CJ IMC & Mush

The latest decision of July 30th , though hailed as “historical” by many, was nothing of the sort and all it did was get rid of judges that short-changed the deposed judges. It has proven to be nothing but the justices protecting their turf, just like the sugar and cement and flour mafias.

So it is hardly unfair to say we are where we were on Nov 3. The only difference is the names on the salary checks of judges have changed.

Kurd sees no change after restoration of deposed judges

ISLAMABAD: Nothing has changed since the restoration of the deposed judiciary, Supreme Court Bar Association President Ali Ahmad Kurd said on Monday. Addressing a ceremony held at the Supreme Court to mark the beginning of the new judicial year, he said the same archaic practices were still being followed, adding that the behaviour and attitude of judges was also the same. He said judges had granted leaves in very few petitions and rejected others without proper hearings. staff report

THE Doctrine Of Necessity And Pakistan’s Poodle Judiciary


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