Our Don Corleone and His Consigliere


Our Don Corleone and His Consigliere

Remember back in 2002, an attack outside Sheraton Hotel on French Engineers’ bus (killing 11)? Of course it was blamed  on the big bad wolf  (Al Qaida).  Of course that practice continues to this day.

Well,  the truth finally came out earlier this year that that story was anything but true. No it was NOT Al Qaida but some officials pissed because they did not get the full payment of the bribe money they expected, so they decided to teach the French a lesson:

‘French nationals killed in Karachi over kickback’

That’s right: the attack was orchestrated by unnamed Pakistani officials angry with France over non-payment of bribes tied to a defence deal.

Of course police had framed some poor guys whom the court finally acquitted.

But guess what? They have been “re-arrested by the authorities under a local law for maintaining public order.” (Now what could be more lame an excuse than that?)

And yesterday another chapter in this sorry saga has been added. A French magazine has come out with a story that has brought the affair to the forefront once again:

Translated from French to English.

The jars of wine Pakistani President
Ali Zardari had received commissions in the case of submarines of the DCN.

This morning, in an annex of the National Assembly, the parliamentary information mission on “the conditions of negotiations and the contract of sale of three Agosta submarines to Pakistan 90″ receives the families of victims of the Karachi attack. Eleven employees of the Directorate of Naval Construction (DCN) died May 8, 2002 in Karachi, while they cooperated in Pakistan under this contract. In the search for causes of this attack, the judge no longer focuses on the scenario of a bombing of Al-Qaeda, it explores two other ways. On the one hand, the hypothesis of an attack in connection with kickbacks unfulfilled. On the other hand, the hypothesis of a punishing attack from negotiations in 2001 by France to sell submarines to India, the traditional enemy – an event held by an intermediary of DCN, Jean – Marie Boivin, during a recent hearing revealed by Mediapart. In both cases, “the importance of the topic justifies parliamentarians seek to know the negotiations surrounding the contract, and details of its implementation,” said MP (PS) Bernard Cazeneuve, rapporteur of the mission information and deputy mayor of Cherbourg – stronghold of the DCN. Reasonable goal … when all the French actors of the contract of 825 million lift the veil on the pattern of corruption that underlies it. For malpractices that have accompanied the military-industrial back to top executive. Locally, Pakistan, Liberation has received documents showing that the current president, Ali Zardari, has been corrupted to the tune of 4.3 million dollars for this contract with France.

Accounts. Explanation: between October 1993 and November 1996, the First Minister, Benazir Bhutto, has many official duties to her husband, Ali Zardari. The latter took the opportunity to require committees in all directions, in agreement with his wife. A feature that earned him the nickname “Mister 10%” and cause his downfall. Arrested December 19, 1996, he was jailed for protecting a drug trafficker cons compensation, according to a letter of attorney from Islamabad we obtained copies. It also mentions several bank accounts opened in Europe. From 1997, the National Accountability Bureau (NAB, so Court of fiscal discipline) undertook to identify assets held abroad by the couple Bhutto-Zardari. Snap cooperation with the Swiss and the British. According to the Office of the Swiss magistrate Vincent Fournier, we asked these requests Pakistani mention the contracts that may have generated kickbacks in favor of Ali Zardari, whose contract submarines of the DCN. Four years later, these efforts are successful.

One report indicates that the NAB April 12, 2001 the British administration in Islamabad transmits almost 22 000 documents on financial transactions Ali Zardari. During the 2001 financial procedures hardened against him. All documents sent by London show he has received large sums from a businessman of Lebanese origin, Abdulrahman al-Asir. This was imposed as an intermediary “by political power” in the French Agreement of September 21, 1994 for the sale of submarines, according to a former head of the DCN heard in Paris. An order from the British judge Lawrence Collins of October 6, 2006 lists the transfers sent by El-Asir to Zardari: 1.3 million dollars in two times, between 15 and August 30, 1994, a month before the signing of contract. Then 1.2 million and $ 1.8 million dollars a year later, between August 22 and September 1, 1995. Judge Collins stated that these payments correspond to operations of corruption. A few months before Zardari’s return to power, all prosecutions and seizures, Switzerland, has been abandoned, April 9, 2008.

Military. But the current President of Pakistan is one of the beneficiaries of these flows validated from Paris. According to the hearings of financial DCN, Commissions take a total of 10% of the market for submarines. Divided into two channels: 4% for policies (including Ali Zardari) and 6% for the military. NAB reports collected in Karachi indicate that the Chief of Staff of the Pakistan Navy in 1994, Mansoor Ul-Haq, has benefited from corruption. Arrested in April 2001, he was forced to return nearly $ 7 million related to the contract submarines.

We already knew one of the beneficiaries of French DCN was Admiral Mansurul Haq, the former drug-smuggling Navy chief (see below) and now another recipient has been named, i.e. Mr. Asif Ali Zardari. Of course the presidency has been quick to deny Zardari’s role (but with pathetic logic, as expected, giving even more weight to the allegations):

Govt rejects Zardari kickback allegations
Thursday, 12 Nov, 2009

ISLAMABAD: The government has contradicted a report published in a local and a French newspaper that accuses President Asif Ali Zardari and military authorities of having received millions of dollars in kickbacks from the 1994 sale of three French submarines to Pakistan Navy.

‘This is actually new regurgitation of an old story which was already contradicted by French President Mr Sarkozy on July 11 this year as ‘untrue’, ‘malicious’ and ‘mischievous’. It is part of a media trial of PPP leadership which we condemn and dismiss with the contempt it deserves,’ Presidential Spokesman Farhatullah Babar said.

According to the report in French daily Liberation, President Zardari is suspected of having received millions of dollars in kickbacks from the 1994 submarines deal.

In addition, investigators believe that the non-payment of the full amount of the agreed kickbacks may have led to the death of 11 French nationals in a 2002 terror attack in Karachi.

The newspaper says it has acquired documents that show that Mr Zardari allegedly received $4.3 million in kickbacks from the sale of three Agosta-90 submarines for 825 million euros (currently $1.237 billion).

The documents which were sent to the Pakistani National Accountability Bureau (NAB) by British authorities in April 2001 indicate that Mr Zardari received several large payments into his Swiss bank accounts from a Lebanese businessman, Abdulrahman Al-Assir, in 1994 and 1995.

Commenting on the report, the spokesman said the purchase of equipment by the armed forces of Pakistan was done through a proper competitive process under the supervision of the Ministry of Defence.

‘Mr Zardari was neither the president nor the prime minister nor the defence minister when the submarines referred to in the news item were purchased. [note: Mr Zardari was neither president nor the prime minister nor the defence(sic) minister when he earned his name as Mr 10% and ‘earned’ his $1.8 billion fortune] The then ‘Admiral’ responsible for this purchase was investigated by the Accountability Bureau. But no allegation of misdoing could be established by the investigation authorities against Mr Zardari,’ the spokesman said.

Regarding the allegation about the killing of French nationals in Karachi, the spokesman said that President Zardari was in prison in 2002 when the unfortunate incident took place.

‘This indicates the motive behind levelling such baseless allegations. How can a person in prison arrange such high-profile killings,’ he added.[note: I say ask any mafioso and he’d tell you. It is no rocket science and no defense]

‘Allegations of kickbacks and involvement in the killing of French nationals against the person of the president are, therefore, highly unfortunate and seem to be part of a malicious campaign launched against the head of state of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan,’ the spokesman said.

The Liberation report quoted a former executive of the French naval company DCN as saying that French authorities had chosen Al-Assir to act as intermediary in the deal and he allegedly deposited a total of $1.3 million in Mr Zardari’s bank accounts between Aug 15 and Aug 30, 1994, one month before the submarine contract was signed, and then $1.2 million and $1.8 million one year later.

According to DCN employees who testified in the terror attack investigation, the kickbacks to Pakistan in the deal totalled 10 per cent of the purchase amount, with 6 per cent, or $49.5 million, going to the military and 4 per cent, or 33 million euros, being funnelled to political circles.

In 2001, Pakistani Navy’s former chief of staff Mansour-ul-Haq was arrested for his part in the deal and forced to repay $7 million, the daily says.

Legal proceedings against Mr Zardari were dropped in April 2008, several months before he was elected president. He was imprisoned from 1997 to 2004 on corruption charges unrelated to this affair.

The president, according to the report, is one of his country’s richest men, with a net worth estimated at $1.8 billion.

The ongoing investigation in Paris into the May 8, 2002, terrorist attack that killed 11 DCN employees in Karachi may shed new light on the submarine purchase.

The victims were in Karachi to complete work on the three submarines. According to French media, the magistrate looking into the bombing has rejected the theory that it was the work of Al Qaeda.

He is now considering the possibility that it was carried out by Pakistanis, either because only 85 per cent of the agreed kickbacks to politicians had been paid or because of negotiations carried out by French authorities to sell submarines to India.

In any case, some French parliamentarians are now demanding to be allowed to look into how the submarine contract with Pakistan was negotiated and executed.

Note that the common link between the two accused, Zardari and Admiral Mansurul Haq is our very own Aitzaz who just happened to be the defense lawyer for both. Here I want to focus on the case of the latter as I have talked about it before. I had said:

Just came across an old (2001) story about another of Aitzaz’s clients which I think is funny in a way:

Former naval chief indicted in $3.369m kickbacks case

By Nasir Iqbal

ISLAMABAD, Oct 22: An accountability court indicted former naval chief Admiral Mansurul Haq for receiving commissions and kickbacks worth $3.369 million in defence deals.

Admiral Haq, however, pleading not guilty, submitted another application before the court with an offer to pay back the entire corruption money.

Aitzaz Ahsan advocate, the counsel for the accused, requested the court to direct the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to receive the kickback money.

The Accountability Court No I judge Rustum Ali Malik directed the prosecution to seek further instructions from the NAB chairman, since the application has been filed directly in the court.

The counsel, however, prayed the court to accept the plea-bargain application as after the amendment in the NAB ordinance 1999, the court had been empowered to decide the settlement requests.

An earlier request for plea-bargain was rejected by the NAB chairman.

What is funny is that Aitzaz’s client, upon indictment for receiving commissions and kickbacks worth $3.369 million in defence deals, pleads not guilty AND YET submits an application before the court with an offer to pay back the entire corruption money which certainly proves his guilt :-)

I specially found this piece by Aitzaz hilarious:

“Aitzaz Ahsan advocate, the counsel for the accused, requested the court to direct the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to receive the kickback money.

I say “Guilty as charged!”

(more later)

6 Responses to “Our Don Corleone and His Consigliere”

  1. 1 Project Humanbeingsfirst.org November 12, 2009 at 4:51 pm

    I am very saddened by the title: “Our Don Corleone and His Consigliere”.

    We have become narrators. There must be a more useful way to affect justice.

    From last year, September 10, 2008 to be precise, in a letter to my teacher in Lahore, I wrote: “Happy-Happy Zardari: A monologue on Hope and Voluntary Servitude”

    Happy-Happy Zardari: A monologue on Hope and Voluntary Servitude

    I hope you can permit me to excerpt from it at length. You seem to be of kindred spirit, and I hope that those who come to your blog from Pakistan might be the same and may ponder upon the point of narrating blatant obviousness and what it achieves to prevent new fait accompli when the arsonists have taken over the firehouse.

    Begin Excerpt

    Pakistan remains exemplary in this – see Project Humanbeingsfirst’s February 2008 prescient report “Who Killed Benazir Bhutto? In her own words!” [6], and its November 2007 solutions recommendations “Open Letter to a Pakistani General” [7]. The election of Mr. Asif Ali Zardari as the new President of Pakistan confirms the setup by the Hectoring Hegemons for devilishly re-architecting Pakistan’s borders – as predicted in the series of reports on Pakistan’s Destabilization by Project Humanbeingsfirst – through increasing economic oppression [8] [9] [10] [11] and tyranny [12] upon the common man [13] already unable to make ends meet [14].

    And then, the ‘ubermensch’ will come on their white horse wielding “shock and awe” to “save” the “the very petri dish of international terrorism” [15] from becoming the new “Terror Central” [16] and threatening the civilized world due to its instability and civil war! That ominous “saving” [17] is already in its advanced setup stages [18] even as I write this. Many front-faces have been lined up who will retain and maintain the core-lie to continually enable the ‘ubermensch’ quest for “full spectrum dominance” – that of ‘war on terror’ – and the present incarnation with Mr. Zardari is just another “happy-happy” ever-smiling face! [19] But a more insidious face than the Generals’ before, in order to present the more acceptable illusion of freedom and democracy as that is what is being demanded by the constituency to be controlled. Well, let’s give it to them under the praetorian tutelage of a re-incarnated seasoned Godfather who can be relied upon to obediently do the master’s bidding on account of natural inclination [20] to usurp [21] and plunder [22], with plenty of skeletons in the closet to keep a strong check on the desired strategic direction when necessary! [23]

    Observing the events of the day (September 10, 2008) [24] being rehearsed with all the pomp and majestic show – complete with horse-drawn buggy and kisses on the cheeks and all – before the applauding world with Mr. Zardari taking the highest oath of office in Pakistan, reminded me of the opening wedding scene from Mario Puzo’s movie the Godfather, attended by the motley of morality-challenged, all dressed in their finest Sunday outfits. The only thing that appeared to be missing during the festivities in the non-movie version was the camera zooming into private meetings in beautifully shuttered oak and mahogany paneled darkened rooms behind closed doors on how the “territory” was to be divided up, who would get what loot, and who would be assigned to make which offer that couldn’t be refused! Even the fictional Michael Coreleone could not go so “legit” as the real life enactment! Once made “legit” and cleansed into a “virgin”, is it slanderous to recall the past? None of the afore-stated staid recollections from newspaper reports even begin to scratch the real surface of the actual experiences of many Pakistanis under Asif Ali Zardari during the two short hereditary reigns of his beloved wife. His popular nom de guerre of “Mr. ten percent” among the general public hardly did him justice. And neither could Al Capone ever be charged for anything other than tax evasion! Even that opportunity no longer exists – so long as the godfather dutifully continues America’s “war on terror”!

    The earnest columnist Ardeshir Cowasjee of the Daily Dawn had repeatedly noted in his many weekly columns that the former President, General Musharraf, was the best among the worst of the lot, and while I never agreed with the famous octogenarian of Pakistan on the notion of choosing the lesser of two evils from a carefully constrained artificial choice forcibly inflicted upon the suffering populace, I do agree with that sentiment. But not because of anything Ardeshir Cowasjee ever observed.

    But because, with President Zardari at the helm, and aided in his mission by the mindlessly silly and horrendously greedy Parliamentarians who turn on a penny, Goethe’s notion of servitude – “none are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free” – is being attempted in Pakistan under a godfather-civilian ruler as an alternative to the brute servitude under a military-general that was beginning to wear thin with the people! The latter however, in comparison, was surely a superior option to serve under, as there was at least no illusion of freedom! The cycle of false-leaders is quite revealing even as it continually fosters only the imperial agendas.

    Let’s snapshot from the setup that began this “imperial mobilization”: The democratically elected Nawaz Sharif being replaced by Musharraf in 1999 to acquire a “unity of command” over the client-state, and the pubic showing enormous relief at being rescued from their misery by a military dictator who seemed to wanna fix everything for them – for the people wanted someone strong to lead them after all the previous debacles under “democracy”; 9 years later Musharraf now being replaced by Zardari and the people once again showing even more relief because they wanted to be led by democracy once again after all the debacles under military dictatorship that has brought the country to the brink of bankruptcy and dismemberment! The new “democratic” leader now appears to be equally keen on fixing everything for the people, but marches quickly in lock-step to the same beat as his autocratic predecessors!

    While the people are kept busy in these ‘katputli tamashas’ [puppet shows] expertly crafted for them by the Rand Corporation and the Pentagon in America, no element of “imperial mobilization” is ever left to chance. It is just as precision an operation in Pakistan as 911 was in New York! If a military strongman is needed to enable the ‘war on terror’ by nurturing “jihadis” with the attack on Afghanistan, the climate is created to install him. If destabilization is needed to enable dismemberment of a former frontline client-state which has outlived its usefulness on the ‘Grand Chessboard’ in its present configuration, faux democracy is crafted to bring the destabilization to its critical mass. The concept of years of planning and long consistent execution times, as is political science based state-craft, is entirely alien to the impetuous Pakistani mind. Brought up over the past sixty years to only expect uncertainty, loot and plunder, disappearances and oppression, a Pakistani has become mentally attuned to going to sleep at night not knowing who will be in-charge the next morning (or where one might wake up)!

    Thus, the notion that a devilish multi-year precision planning, and such state-craft sophistication as the ‘dialectics of deception’ described by Project Humanbeingsfirst in many of its reports, is even possible, is entirely foreign to the relatively simple, feudalistic Pakistani genius. Therefore, ‘katputli tamashas’ and frequent change of Acts and actors is great for the masses – for many couldn’t care less who is in power, tied as most have become to their daily bread and hope for miraculous deliverance!

    The exuberance shown by the world’s leaders in rushing to congratulate the new Mr. 100% Pakistani President into their fold – one who had candidly noted: ‘The Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), if it comes into power, must persuade the people that the fight against militants is “our war”, not just America’s war’ [25] – and all of them together agreeing to maintain that enabling core-lie of “imperial mobilization” intact, amply demonstrates this.

    This coddling of a person who was further reported brazenly proclaiming “Asif Ali Zardari told a British TV that political agreements were not words of Qura’an which could not be changed with the changing political scenario. According to the TV, he was asked about his shifting positions and not fulfilling his promises to which he said there was nothing final in politics and positions could change with the changing situations.” [26], makes President Zardari actually the best qualified among the lot for the job of presiding over the dismembering of Pakistan! One who need not, by one’s own admission, honor any agreements one may sign, or the deals one may make, with one’s own countrymen in order to gain their trust! Wow! What an egregiously blatant mocking of a peoples quite accustomed to “Voluntary Servitude”. Notice that there are no riots in the streets in Pakistan, no protests, and while the nation’s ruling elite is politically and visibly united in celebrating the victory of democracy over dictatorship, the poor man is kept busy trying to barely survive!

    Finally, one can rightfully claim, that there is little difference between the peoples of America, and the peoples of Pakistan – united they do stand in “hope” and inaction for a better tomorrow, as the rich plunderers laugh their way to the bank!

    Indeed, I hate to suggest once again that all this was plainly manifest when Musharraf had issued his own proclamations paving the way for PPP and Bhutto to come to power with the NRO and the sacking of the judges by crafting his unilateral Executive Orders, which like in America, once made into law, become effectively irreversible. I had plainly written on December 21, 2007 in Project Humanbeingsfirst’s warning to the Pakistani peoples “Wakeup to the grotesque reality of the ‘Grand Chessboard’!” [27] (while most of the Pakistani and Western press appeared not to have ever been students of political science, history, or even forensic science – the only reason most among them are likely called journalists, the press, the newsmedia, is surely only because they carry suitably designed business cards or are rich enough to own the media – there are a few exceptions of course, as shown by this oped in the Nation of February 22, 2008 [28]; and I have no idea why the rest of the respected columnists like Ardeshir Cowasjee remained silent, despite my urgent and repeated pleas to them to at least comment on the warning in their own soap-boxes in order to draw attention to it, as no English newspaper in Pakistan was willing to publish it or any of the letters to editor [29] that I sent them before I gave up on further wasting my time; I had also, in my earnestness, foolishly apprised two newly retired 3-star Pakistani Generals in Islamabad of these matters over a long private lunch conversation, with obviously little impact and much wasted effort):

    #2. The present ‘elections’ in Pakistan are a manifest fraud under the orchestration of the ‘hectoring hegemons’ themselves, and must be abandoned in the greater national interest of the peoples of Pakistan themselves.

    This mantra of elections is replete with red herrings craftily synthesized to maintain Pakistan as a servile client-state in order to carry on with the same bold ‘imperial designs’ on the ‘Grand Chessboard’. It is merely the rebottling of the same old wine in a different bottle. It will surely be legitimately conducted, with no apparent riggings, and duly approved by all the impartial international observers to give the artful elections an official international legitimacy.

    It is quite immaterial who wins in these elections. The laws and the judiciary of the nation have already been reconstituted under the umbrella of ’emergency’ to enable the nation to carry on unfettered in its primary objective of fighting the ‘War on Terror’ as an obedient patsy client-state – and hence to carry on in its own devilishly crafted suicide!

    These elections will conveniently ‘elect’ a legislature whose leaders have also been deftly primed by the ‘hectoring hegemons’ themselves! And the highest executive office in the land is already retained in the hands of the same old ‘wine’ drinker.

    Thus all the ‘ducks’ are still lined up perfectly in a row, just as they were on the very eve of 911.

    #3. The people of Pakistan must fully reconcile with the Military of Pakistan immediately – the reconciliation being of the type that was witnessed by the surprised world between the oppressors and the oppressed in South Africa.

    Not the type that is being pushed through the NRO to legitimize looters, plunderers, and rapists of the nation in order to staff the legislature with the made by ‘CFR in the USA’ and made by ‘RIIA in the UK’ Pakistani politicians with at best criminal credentials, and at worst, treasonous ones!

    The military of Pakistan, as an institution, is indeed also the only hope of Pakistan as we must survive on the ‘Grand Chessboard’ and only they hold the cards. What is about to befall the nation can also only be averted by them. The civilians and the Military must unite – immediately – for overarching national considerations that far transcend individual grievances, ego trips, and past transgressions.

    Thus the civilians must abandon all meaningless and mindless protests which are in any case devoid of any fundamental comprehension of the reality du jour on the ‘Grand Chessboard’ – none of them seek fundamental changes to our fate, nor do they appear to fathom what such changes are even supposed to be – and are merely only chasing red herrings that have been deftly crafted as perhaps per the Machiavellian ‘technique of infamy’. …

    These protests are needlessly continually giving the Western public the impression of ‘instability’ which only adds to the credibility of the various pretextual mantras to come ‘deliver’ us from ourselves! There is much more at stake than to usher in a thin veneer of faux ‘democracy’ which is all that these protests are unwittingly accomplishing as can be empirically witnessed by anyone with half a brain.

    #4 Instead of the faux ‘democracy’, the Pakistani Military rulers on their part must now rise to the challenge of genuine patriotism and as genuine guardians of the nation and help carve a genuine Democracy, with the capital D and without the quotes, as briefly outlined in “Re-Imagining Pakistan’s Defenses – Open Letter to a Pakistani General”, and as explored in “Saving Pakistan from Synthetic ‘Terror Central’ ”.

    Briefly, that entails crafting a genuine Constitution under a bilateral ‘social contract’ between the people and the state, that is subsequently ratified by the people of Pakistan through a direct referendum vote. This can be accomplished within a few short months if there is the national and military will that understands the urgency of the matter and executes on it by gathering the right peoples to craft it!

    Item 2 above, in bold, appears amazingly prescient – right? The new “wine drinker” makes little impact on the journey however. And we observe that Musharraf withdrew [30] without rectifying any of his own power-shenanigans in favor of the new “wine drinker” whom he had himself enabled and pardoned with the NRO that has lent new meaning to the adage ‘steal only in millions and billions, for generous pardon in the name of national security, national interest, or national reconciliation is the only outcome for monumental crimes when all loot’.

    The new “wine drinker” in turn was, and is, being guided by the same hectoring hegemons [31] [32] [33] [34] who crafted and led the American foreign policy in the decimation of Afghanistan and Iraq, as expected – and so brazenly at times that there is no need to even hide that fact from the public – when Musharraf very well could have implemented all of the afore-stated recommendations for the genuine protection of Pakistan, as he enjoyed absolute power and the public would have welcomed his moves against the hectoring hegemons with open arms! Therefore, the lame surprise as demonstrated in this news report, aptly titled “Benazir’s promise remains unfulfilled” [35], is at best – well what can one say that hasn’t already been said about the press! Pakistani media is now but a distant reflection of the American media eagerly galloping down the same path. See Chapters 4, 6, and 7 of my book “Prisoners of the Cave” for a better understanding of what one is likely to see more and more of in Pakistan! [36]

    If all this prescience is such advanced rocket science, how is it that an ordinary plebeian, with only a computer and an internet connection, can figure it all out, including the solution space, and none of the profound intelligentsia and the press in Pakistan can?


    Unless the arsonists in the fire brigade are dealt with first, even their putting out the fires is only to sell you more specially treated ignitable timber from their own warehouse. The 4th gen warfare is insidious, pernicious, and destroys from within:

    Editorial: The First Enemy Is Within – Fourth Generation Warfare

    And to see how it works in Pakistan in its more un-apparent ways, here is the latest event:

    Project Humanbeingsfirst unravels Hamid Mir’s and Geo TV’s bullying of a little blog – The Real Agenda

    And narrating any of that is not going to affect anything.

    So think about that, and please send me an email if you come up with some ideas to improve the efficacy/potency of narratives from its present ZERO level.

    Zahir Ebrahim
    Project Humanbeingsfirst.org

    • 2 nota November 13, 2009 at 4:51 am

      “And narrating any of that is not going to affect anything.”

      May I ask then why do you do it? Certainly you are more proficient in these narrative with its “ZERO level” potency.

      (For me it is a way to keep my sanity — a way to clear my head — nothing more.)

  2. 3 Project Humanbeingsfirst.org November 13, 2009 at 9:27 am

    “May I ask then why do you do it?”

    Because I don’t know what else to do for the categorical imperatives facing us.

    There are many more exciting things I can do if I merely wanted to soothe a disquiet mind. Although self-expression does indeed help lower the adrenal-anxiety levels for me somewhat. But it doesn’t appear to be the primary reason anymore even if it ever was in the early days in 2003 when I first picked up the pen after the protesting legs had failed to stop the War on Iraq.

    Which is why I am compelled to worry about efficacy ever since. It is not a therapy. It is an imperative.

    And what sort of an imperative pursuit is that which continually lends ZERO efficacy? So I ask every time I find someone sensible if they have a better way to increase potency.

    Here is more prose, also sent to our Hon. Ambassador in Washington: Bringing back the Zen to Pakistan:


    Zahir Ebrahim
    Project Humanbeingsfirst.org

  3. 4 mintu khoshnabish January 8, 2010 at 2:03 pm

    still they, politicians will f*ck country.

  1. 1 Haroon Rashid Wins 4-0 vs Aitzaz Ahsan « F*ck Politics Trackback on January 16, 2010 at 1:25 am

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