Now Who Would Have Thought: Balochistan Safer Than Punjab

If this does not expose the duplicity of the Sharif Brothers, nothing does. It appears the so-called province under fire — Balochistan — is a much safer place than the Punjab of Sharifs as Balochistan was able to hold by-elections today.

UPDATE: Oh, I should have added N.W.F.P. to the title too, as it too will be  able to hold by-polls before Punjab


Sharifs, of course, have used the pathetic excuse of “security situation” to block the polls in the province. Of course the ‘official’ line of PML-N was the blatant lie: “We, the PML-N are all in favor of the by-election. It is the Punjab government that is against it!

And in a shameful collaboration, the Lahore High Court broke the constitution and delayed polls indefinitely. It must be noted that the attorney for PML-N — oh, sorry — the Punjab government was the son of Justice Khalil Ramday. Now how many think he ‘won’ because he had the stronger argument?

The real reason for the forced delay is of course the ‘secret’ deal with the Saudis which bars Nawaz from running in the elections till end of next year — yes, yes — the same supposedly non-existent 10 year deal he signed with Mush. That clause of the deal is the reason why PML-N has been in no hurry to do away with the 17th amendment.

Now that SC has taken notice, let’s hope they rule in favor of Sheikh Rashid’s petition and force the Election Commission to hold by-elections in Punjaband SOON!

P.S. I think the Sharif’s are sensing the way SC is headed on this and was the reason why Shahbaz rushed to the lap of Gilani and offered full support to crook Zardari.


9 Responses to “Now Who Would Have Thought: Balochistan Safer Than Punjab”

  1. 1 Observer December 23, 2009 at 6:41 pm

    If the current volatile scenario continues until NS is no more bound by the promise he made, then PML-N will find another excuse for holding elections. My bet is they will say we cannot wait infinitely for the situation to get better ………….scoundrels to the bones.

    SS in the lap of Gilani: Why not….at least they have got a common enemy for now. You scratch my back and I will scratch yours. Let me rule a full term and I will let you rule for a full term. Unfortunately Pakistanis may not understand and elect the crooks from PML-N next time 😦 Are they really so hard to figure out or is the awam in general also crooks or simply stupid?

    • 2 nota December 25, 2009 at 3:51 am

      “Unfortunately Pakistanis may not understand”

      May not? They definitely will not! Though I would add PML-N is trying their best to make sure they do not win by a huge majority and just squeak by. No they are really not that hard to figure out but one has to at least try which most of the people don’t. But then again, why worry? Remember the system of democracy promoted is a two-party system, which too is a deception as the differences between the two parties are but illusions.

      And let’s look at it another way, up close and personal sort of way. In my area, the choices people have are Candidate A from PPP who used to belong to PPP, then joined PML-Q and seeing the tide turning, joined PPP again and Candidate B from PML-N was PPP, left it to join Millat Party, tried to get PPP ticket again, was refused, so he tried for PML-N, successfully. So exactly which party would you or the voter really identify them with (keep in mind these party affiliations are likely to change in the next election)? Also note the people in the constituency are aware both the candidates are first-cousins and ones son has recently married the daughter of the other and so exactly how do you separate the two candidates as being ‘different’ ideologically, etc? (BTW: Elections campaigns of both are financed by the owner of the local madrasa). Of course there is no PTI candidate and only other choice is the maulvi running under the banner of some religious party who too runs a madrasa for girls and has made his fortune by smuggling girls to the Sheikhs of Saudi Arabia and UAE.

      So exactly who do they vote for?

      • 3 Observer December 26, 2009 at 5:24 pm


        You are absolutely right about shifting loyalties of these “politicians”. When they themselves don’t know what they stand for then how should the awam not be even more confused.

        This is exactly what the status quo forces wants it to be.

        Army: It proves their point i.e. it proves that after all army is the best entity to run the country.

        Politicians: Wants to prove that “Is hamam meiN sab NaNge haiN”….don’t point fingers at me….everybody is like me including you.

        Majority of Pakistanis: Are they merely spectators and can only talk/write? Why don’t they say enough is enough?

        Why don’t you run for elections……for PTI off course…..I am not joking. I know you are a free man in the sense that you want to be able to criticize anybody, when you think you have a point. After all PTI is probably the party which will suit you most. I also know that you write because you care for Pakistan and that it hurts you that people like NS and Zardari rule Pakistan. You can help PTI to organise in a better way (a weak area of PTI)in order to recruit clean candidates for each area… have to start from somewhere.

  2. 4 nota December 26, 2009 at 5:48 pm

    Na – I am too foul-mouthed for that and can not help saying like it is. I seriously doubt if even my family would vote for me….:)

  3. 7 Observer December 27, 2009 at 3:44 pm

    I like the second last and the last most.

    The second last has become true in the western world. Wars and suppression is handled under the umbrella of “democracy”.

    The last one is universal statement in the sense that it is the case anywhere and anytime.

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