Fake Terror? — That Blast At Khosa House UPDATED!

Khosas: Zulfiqar, Saifuddin, Dost Muhammed

Being from D. G. Khan myself and being familiar with the Khosas, my first thoughts about that recent bomber strike at Khosa’s house in D.G. Khan were:

1. The Khosas have really pissed off someone real bad (everyone is pissed at them for they have set new standards of corruption, even beating Farooq Leghari and Co.), or
2. They had it done themselves to get some attention/show they are “important” (The thought about ‘Taliban’ targeting them is just so out of this world)

That there was something fishy going on was brought back to my mind when I heard Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif state that the blast at the Khosa House is not linked to centres of terrorists in the southern Punjab. So I talked and met some people from the area and what I was told certainly confirmed my suspicions.

The rumor on the street is that the Khosas had it done themselves. I am told the Khosas have been trying to get rid of enchroching tent city/slum that had grown upto the wall of Khosa House and the bombing was carried out by them to rid themselves of it. Another interesting fact is that two Khosa brothers (Hisamuddin and Saifuddin) were at the house that day and Dost Muhammed Khosa was expected to also come over. Also present at the house that day was their (much-hated by them) brother-in-law, a guy named Ali. Coincidence of coincidences, Hisam and Saif managed to leave the house that morning and Dost Muhammed cancelled his visit. That guy Ali came closet to getting killed as he was just driving away from the house at the time of the bombing, leading to another rumor that the Khosas wanted to kill two birds with one stone and do away with that leaching brother-in-law of theirs as well (leach he is and he moved into Khosa right as PML-N came to power in Punjab and has been been using his relationship with Khosas to the hilt).

Another interesting thing I heard was that during the short stint as acting CM, Dost made enough money to transfer Rs 70-80 crore to Dubai.

Question is, like Zardari made Musharraf look not so bad, will a Nawaz government even make Zardari government having been not so bad? With people like these in the PML-N leadership, I won’t be surprised….

1. Latest word is the Khosas had given rights to the land along their wall to people to build shops and a market had sprung up. Of course the land wasn’t transferred to these poor souls but they held the ‘agreement’ on stamp paper only. Since the Khosas saw that it was an established market now and they could sell that land for crores of rupees, they wanted the shopkeepers to disappear. This bombing also achieves that: With the shops destroyed, the stamp paper agreement those guys were holding become worthless.

2. Another rumor going around is the Khosas had the place insured for Rs 25 crore (much more than the value of the property). Now they can not only claim for that but also will get huge sums as compensation from the Punjab Government as well.

3. Another odd thing I am told is that the house had been practically emptied on the side where the bombing took place. Really odd thing is ALL TVs in the house were PACKED and put in a room towards the back of the house.

4. It is confirmed the house was practically empty. Even the servants were not there which NEVER happens.

5. Two of the Khosas’ cousins did get injured in the blast but it was their sheer bad luck. They did not live their but were passing near Khosa House when on of thm needed to use the bathroom and decided to make an unscheduled stopover at Khosa House to relieve himself. Damn bad timing….


6 Responses to “Fake Terror? — That Blast At Khosa House UPDATED!”

  1. 1 hany December 27, 2009 at 6:31 pm

    Who else has written this article (NAME NOT MENTIONED CLEARLY), you cannot ask anything without any solid reason or proof.The hell they(KHOSA’s) are corrupt but are nothing asking to you. WHY ARE YOU SO JEALOUS OF THEM???!!! i think you definetly belong to LEGHARI’s GROUP(REAL MORONS). Such scandals for KHOSA’S are made by those MORONS. Aren’t those leghari’s corrupt? The hometown of Leghari’s is CHOTI and from POLICE headquarters(D.G.K) it was conformed that more then 36 BLOODY BASTARD TALIBAAN’s are living there. WHY??? what the hell are legharis doing??? shouldn’t they take strict order against them??? huuuuhh.. think before you talk about anything. and the point about demolishing D.G.K house with those two suspected reasons is not enough and the public is never happy from any one of those politicians. like they voted ZARDARI but did they thought that he was in jail?? for what reason?? Again on leghari comes the topic BLOODY FAROOQ did that. RIGHT?? Over ALL khosa”s hould not be blamed. prohibited.

    • 2 nota December 28, 2009 at 4:47 am

      Would advise you to invest in some education so you can hopefully learn the difference between words (e.g. between “ask” and “say”) and how to form a sentence (but if you are a Khosa, I doubt that would help). I really have no clue what the hell you are trying to say with formations such as “The hell they(KHOSA’s) are corrupt but are nothing asking to you.”

      Anyways, no I am not jealous of them and stating the Khosas are corrupt hardly means that. Everyone in D G Khan knows Khosas are corrupt and that is a fact you can take to the bank. The fact that you try to cover up that fact by attacking Legharis also confirms that — a tactic used daily by PPP these days (“Sub corrupt haiN” really does not take away the guilt from the Khosas but it does confirms it 😉 )

      Yes those Legharis are corrupt as ell and if you had scrolled down you would have seen that. Now does that make me belong to the MORON KHOSA GROUP”? Hardly! The fact that you are desperate in your bid to defend the Khosas and would go to any length to do so is proven by the blatant lie about “36 BLOODY BASTARD TALIBAAN’s” (let us assume there are 36 BLOODY TALIBAANS in the same town as Legharis. What does that have to do with Legharis? Isn’t it the job of the POLICE HEADQUARTERS (D.G.K) who discovered them to do something about them? And is it not true the Nazim of DGK is Maqsood Leghari who does not belong to the Leghari Group but to the Khosa group?? Did he not fight for Nazim with the support of the Khosas AGAINST Ex-Nazim Jamal Leghari, the son of Farooq Leghari? Huuuhh? Huuuhh?? Huuuhh??? There are plenty of real reasons to hate Legharis so you don’t need to make stuff up. 😛

      The funniest statement from you was “Over ALL khosa”s hould not be blamed. prohibited.” Prohibited? Why don’t you kiss my @rse. 😛

      BTW: Do enjoy the update to the story

  2. 3 guru_prince December 29, 2009 at 1:09 am

    that was really funny.on a serious note,the criminals will get away,which is a norm for the elite.i also think,you should publisize your blog,so that people can see the truth.best wishes.

  3. 4 Rashid Rasool July 31, 2010 at 1:46 pm

    Khosa and Lighari are both Ghadar and criminal people. They have destroyed our city by lot of corruption. We need to get rid of them as soon as possible. This article seems to be the truth about these dirty Ghadars of D.G.Khan.

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