Ayaz bayzAmir — Jiyala Par Excellence Hits A New Low

In this latest piece, Ayaz Amir, the mouthpiece of PML-N, takes the gloves off and takes a swing at everyone. But to what end?

To defend Zardari! Yes, really!!!

What is interesting is he borrows the Jiyala tactic of not offering any redeeming qualities of the fella — since there are none — but instead points a finger at everyone from the past claiming each did worst. Well, Ayaz: has our country under Zardari turned to heaven? And don’t forget Zardari is not done yet!

Don’t know what you have been smoking Ayaz, but there is no doubt you have encased yourself in some rabbit hole — your head is certainly stuck up to it’s neck in Zardari’s behind overcoming your ability to smell the manure you spew.

Now I agree with Nawaz stating his is not a ‘friendly opposition’.  The fact is there is no opposition.

Ayaz attacks every one — Army for 1965, Yahya for 1971, civil society for 1977, Roedad Khan for supporting Mushy, Judiciary for 1999, and for what? In support of Zardari saying these crimes were worse so <b>we should shut the hell up as our intentions might be good but our “simplicity and innocence” makes us “more dangerous” than anything in our history.</b>

Wow! He adds:

<blockquote>”Zardari may deserve all the pejorative adjectives in the dictionary but has he committed any crime which comes close to the enormity of the disaster that was Kargil?”…</blockquote>

<blockquote>”Not only that, some of them were on the bench which validated Musharraf’s takeover. A few, including My Lord the Chief Justice, were on the bench which validated Musharraf’s takeover for the second time in the Zafar Ali Shah case (2005).”…</blockquote>

<blockquote>”Of course, we must let bygones be bygones and deal with the present. But then this principle should be for everyone. We should not be raising monuments to selective memory or selective condemnation. If the PCO of 2007 was such a bad idea, in what category should we place the PCO of 2000? And if in this Turkish bath all are like the emperor without his clothes, the least this should inculcate is a sense of humility.”…</blockquote>

And don’t you love this declaration:

<blockquote>”But now, whether we like it or not, <b>he is something more than a mere replica of his past.</b> He is the constitutionally elected President of the Republic.”</blockquote>

Ayaz admits Zardari is a crook but then he claims:

<blockquote>”hidden forces with their hidden agendas go about manipulating things”</blockquote>

so we must protect him, despite the fact that:

<blockquote>”President Zardari can also be his own worst enemy. Who told him to deliver the speech he did at Naudero on BB’s second death anniversary? There were things in it which were best left unsaid. Those whom the gods would destroy they first push into such speech-making. <b>But it is also true that Zardari has been driven into a corner.</b>”</blockquote>

Amazing, no?

<h2>This is YOUR opposition!</h2>


1 Response to “Ayaz bayzAmir — Jiyala Par Excellence Hits A New Low”

  1. 1 Observer January 2, 2010 at 1:27 am

    This be-iman Ayaz really is so annoying. This man has no lower limits. No wonder Pakistan is sinking since she has such low life intellectuals. I hate to say such things to a man much older than I am…..but unfortunately I have to.

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