How Not To Win Baloch Hearts…UPDATED

…By empowering a so-called “Baloch jirga” to settle PPP-PML-N row.

First of all, the people of Balochistan don’t give a damn about either party, let alone the “row” between these 69-ing nitwits.

Second, the Baloch must have laughed their asses off when they heard the “Baloch Jirga” is to be headed by Balochistan Chief Minister Nawab Aslam Raisani and the chief of Jhalawan Sardar Sanaullah Zehri.

Sanaullah Zehri is of course the Sardar of Zehri tribe and elder brother of Israrullah Zehri whose support of women’s rights is world famous (Israrullah is also the head of the ISI-created President of Balochistan National Party-Awami and both have allegedly killed scores of their political opponents with ISI’s blessings) and Raisani has really endeared himself to the Baloch by his recent declaration — echoing arguably the most hated man in Balochistan, Musharraf — and later repeated by Rehman Malik — that most of the missing persons had “deliberately gone underground to malign the country’s intelligence agencies”. Baloch Hal rigthly stated:

If former military dictator General Pervez Musharraf’s infamous quote, “it is not the 70s that you will hit and run…We will hit you in a way that you don’t know what hit you”, has become one of the most widely quoted statements of a man who devastated Balochistan, one can assertively predict that this statement of Chief Minister Raisani will go down in the history as the most disgraceful proclamation ever made by a Baloch chief minister.

The chief minister repeated what was once said by former dictator General Pervez Musharraf and subsequently by Rehman Malik, the current interior minister, that the missing persons had willingly gone abroad. Gone abroad? For what? He said the elements responsible for target killings were also responsible for hiding their associates and then showing them as “disappeared people”. In his words, the missing persons have deliberately gone underground and now the issue is being raised to embarrass the country’s intelligence agencies. Raisani, the fist chief minister in the history of Balochistan to be elected unopposed, is of the view that it is unreasonable on the part of the missing persons’ families to hold the agencies responsible for the whole mess.

Expectedly, a very emotional reaction has come from the families of the missing persons in response to the chief minister’s statement. If the government cannot deliver justice to the families of the missing persons due to its inefficiency and powerlessness to check the influence of the secrete services then it should not at least hurt the sentiments of the mothers, sisters, wives, daughters and sons of the missing persons.

Nawaz by his choice certainly appears to be endorsing the views of Zehri and Raisani and committing political suicide in Balochistan. One wonders if this is by design or Nawaz is just too dumb to realize it?

That Raisani was blatant liar (and a man with no honor) is proven by the statements of his own party bosses in Islamabad who had finally admitted days earlier “some missing Baloch activists have been released under the ‘Aghaz-e-Huqooq-e- Balochistan’ (Balochistan package)” and further confirmed the existence of more by saying “more activists are likely be released under the process”.

"Get lost kids, your loved ones have “deliberately gone underground to malign the country’s intelligence agencies”: Raisani

Missing people’s list rejected by Baloch organisations

UPDATE: Sanaullah Zehri has joined PML-N. I guess Nawaz needed another murdered of the Baloch and ISI- / MI-collaborator to win the confidence of the Baloch


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