‘Uloo Kay Pathay’ Or ‘Uloo Ki Pathee?’

You decide:

…The committee, working to remove the 17th Amendment in the light of the Charter of Democracy (CoD), has unanimously rejected the proposals to change or remove some of the Islamic clauses even if they were inserted by military dictators. “The proposal to removing Clause 62-f was rejected outright,” the leader said.

Prominent lawyer Asma Jahangir, when asked to comment on the development, called the parliamentarians “idiots” if they have taken such a decision. “They are Uloo Kay Pathay,” she responded but then wondered how this correspondent would translate this word.

However, at no point during her long campaign, Asma or any of her supporters have criticised parliament or appealed or demanded removal of this clause from the Constitution. Meanwhile, the Rabbani committee, by rejecting the proposal of removing Clause 62-f has once again backed the Islamic clauses of the Constitution. This crucial clause of the Constitution talks of the honesty of candidates and in part reads: “He is sagacious, righteous and non-profligate and honest and ameen.”

The major objection of Asma Jahangir was on the word ‘Ameen’ as she repeatedly said during her interviews and discussions that there could be no parameter to judge ‘ameen’. However, on the other hand, the view of the supporters of this clause is that if there exists some corruption cases against a person and allegations are proved, then that person cannot qualify as ‘Ameen’ and thus would not be allowed to contest any elections.

This branch of intellectuals says that following the Islamic code of life is not determined under Clause 62-f and only a conviction in corruption or fraud case could become the basis for declaration of any person as ‘Ameen’….(source)


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