Aitzaz: LPG Scam-Runner, Too

"Chor! Chor!!"

First it was Harris Steel Mills Scam, and now it’s the LPG Quota List sans merit. His partners in crime? Well, the top Mushy c*cksvckers:

…Mr Asif said that those who had benefited from Mr Ahmad’s “benevolence” included former prime minister Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain, former chairman of NAB Gen (retd) Munir Hafeez, federal Minister for Investment Senator Gulzar Ahmad, former interior ministers Gen (retd) Moeenuddin and Aftab Sherpao, former governor of Punjab Gen (retd) Khalid Maqbool, NBP President Syed Ali Raza and Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan.

These people, he said, got gas companies registered in the names of their relatives and they earned millions of rupees from the LPG quota given by the JJVL. [Aitzaz had it in the name of his wife, Bushra Aitzaz, another prominent lawyer. Aitzaz’s monthly take for doing nothing? Rs 3 Million!]

[UPDATE: This might be more in light of this news item:” LPG marketers earn Rs 220bn illegally“. Seeing that their were some 20 or so ‘stakeholders’, on average each is making 10 billion plus]

Others beneficiaries included Captain (retd) Bisharat and Brigadier (retd) Siraj, friends of Gen Pervez Musharraf; Gen (retd) Tariq Majeed; Humayun Farid, diplomat; Gen (retd) Rehmat Khan, Chairman of Pakistan Cement; Rizwan Punjwani, head of NBP Credit, Karachi; Ishtiaq Asif of NBP, Karachi; and Jamal Akbar Ansari, a friend of Iqbal Ahmad.

By all means it was bribe which Mr Ahmad used to get favours from people in power,” Mr Asif said. Members of the PAC representing PPP, PML-Q, and PML-N supported the contention that the LPG quota had been misused.

Accepting the fact that massive irregularities had been committed in the past, Secretary Petroleum Mahmood Salim Mahmood said the LPG sector needed a thorough scrutiny, especially its price fixing mechanism. Since the JJVL had a monopoly in the market it was doing business at its own terms, the secretary argued….

Two main points I want to add:

1. Remember this happened during the time Aitzaz was ‘leading’ the Lawyers’ Movement, supposedly against Mush (and then against Zardari). The mere fact that he did not loose this ‘little benefit’ on both occasions speaks volumes about whose side he was really on. Special attention must be paid to the fact that ALL LPG-quota holders are FRIENDS OF MUSHARRAF!!!

2. Do also keep in mind that this is closely related to the current CNG crisis.“we will make CNG so expensive no one wil buy it” by Finance Minister Shaukat Tareen.

And there is far more behind that statement:

  1. Artificial shortage for natural gas is being created so that ordinary consumers could be bilked.
  2. The openly-stated plan certainly is to make it at least at par with petrol so no one buys it for their transportation/generator use i.e. ordinary consumers.
  3. The gas saved goes at very discounted rates to the controversial Rental Power Plants (RPPs).
  4. People are forced onto LPG, making trillions more for the cartel

And don’t forget: It is the same guy behind RPPs who holds the monopoly over LPG — Iqbal Z. Ahmad!!!

Mush, David Walters, Iqbal Ahmed, Zardari

Remember: Zardari, Tareen, Mush (and I am certain Iqbal Z. Ahmed) have previously collaborated on the theft of KESC. See:
So Much for Foreign Investment: KESC “sold” to Zardari Kin
KESC Swindles: Past, Present, and Future


LPG giants fined Rs318 million for ‘cartelization’
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