No Surprise: ‘Even Charles Manson could beat him now’

Gary Younge of The Guardian writes:

“One year after his election, Barack Obama’s approval rating is lower at this stage than for any US president since Eisenhower. So why has the optimism surrounding his victory disappeared so suddenly?”

Well Gary, you must have been awake with your eyes wide shut, like every one else who bought that “change” cool-aid that you journalists were selling.

But Gary is not alone. Every paper and every popular blog even here in Pakistan was selling the same poisoned grape juice (for example see Teeth Maestro went all out and gave us “YES WE CAN” Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States, Would We Understand Barack Obama?, Why I as a Pakistani, choose to support Obama, instead of McCain, Joe Biden as Obama’s VP running mate – Good for Pakistan, The reaction of Obama’s Victory in Pakistan; PKPolitics celebrated his victory as well and his accession.)

Of course I saw through the color of his skin and called it like Gary seems to have just discovered. Here is a sampling of my comments from those sites (for which I did get slammed by the baboos — and babbet Gul):

nota said:

6 November 2008 at 6:12 am

The world hailed the appointment by Bush Sr. of first African-American as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

What the world got was in return was invasion of Afghanistan and Gulf War I.

The world hailed the appointment by Bush Jr. of first African-American to top spot at State Department….

What the world got in return was “Shock and Awe” and Gulf War II….

The world hailed the appointment by Bush Jr. of first female African-American to top spot at State Department….

What the world got in return was the failures in Iraq and in the war on terrorism and the Lebanon war….

The world hailed as America chose it’s first African-American as president.

What the world will get in return, you can well imagine

Some background:
Same as the Old Boss: Both McCain and Obama’s Advisers Want War In Georgia

Buyers Remorse Over Obama

Through the Israeli Looking Glass: Obama Joins the Club

Swindle – What Change Really Means

Behind Obama and Clinton

@texasboy: Speaking of “passe en blanc”
Obama Resigns From Black Nation

Obama’s Money Cartel

Arabs shocked by Obama speech

Barack Obama Dropped His Drawers At AIPAC Meet to Prove He’s Jewish

Obama: I Will Do ‘Everything in My Power’ to Prevent Iranian Nukes

Tough talk on Pakistan from Obama

Calling it “King’s dream come true” is an insult to MLK. Suggesting this as a proof that “racism in America has ended” is beyond ridiculous. If he was in anyway near his caliber, he’d be dead by now…

In honor of MLK:
Martin Luther King, Jr. on War

“Why I Am Opposed to the War in Vietnam”

“I have a dream”

Mountaintop Speech

The Urgency of Now

A Knock at Midnight

Martin Luther King, Jr.’s last speech

nota said:

6 November 2008 at 6:16 am

“Barak Obama is a hope, hope for change, change for better world.”

Remember Feb 18….

nota said:

6 November 2008 at 7:56 am

‘No difference’ between Obama, McCain
…McGreevy, however, noted a “troubling” aspect of Obama’s campaign: the support he is receiving from “centers of concentrated wealth and power” that have always believed that the US should dominate the Middle East. “From their perspective, a black president could do so in an effective way, thus redeeming the US of the last eight years [that were unfriendly to a number of other cultures],” he said. However, McGreevy added that some people would consider US domination by a culturally diverse president as “multicultural imperialism.”

Of particular concern for Makdisi was his belief that an Obama administration would include Dennis Ross, the architect of the 1990s peace process “which turned out to be a disaster for Arabs, Palestinians, and even Israelis,” he said. Ross is a key adviser for Obama on Mideast issues and was accused by many of having been a biased mediator for the Middle East peace process….

Speaking of his future appointments, how’s this for starters:
Obama’s first pick: Israeli Rahm Emanuel as chief of staff
Who is Rahm Emanuel? Hers’s some background. (Some even say he heads North American Mossad)… Of course there is no question he is a dual-citizen.

Most others of his appointments will be from the Clinton team including Madeleine “The price is worth it” Albright. Maybe a thread ought to be started on the background of Obama’s appointments as well.

Snakes are snakes no matter what you color you try to paint them…And we do see through your spin no matter what spin you try 🙂

nota said:

6 November 2008 at 10:12 am

Speaking of “GHQ and their henchmen (AZ & gang)”, wonder why BJ won’t link to something like this:
A Quiet Deal With Pakistan

Is it because it reveals too much? 🙂

nota said:

6 November 2008 at 2:40 pm

More on the good little zewish boy:
Rahm Emanuel: A profile of Barack Obama’s enforcer
Rahm Emanuel, who has been chosen by Barack Obama to be the White House chief of staff, is known by colleagues as “Rahmbo” – a nickname reflecting his reputation as one of the most ferociously combative figures in Washington.

Rahm Emanuel, who has been chosen by Barack Obama to be the White House chief of staff, is known by colleagues as “Rahmbo” – a nickname reflecting his reputation as one of the most ferociously combative figures in Washington. …

nota said:

6 November 2008 at 2:48 pm

A good brief intro to the man (@BJ, feel free to link to this comment as I agree with it fully):

If people think that an Obama presidency is going to change the way the U.S government conducts its affairs they are in for some major surprises. When Barak Obama was feted at AIPAC headquarters weeks before the election my first thoughts were , did they get to him already. Neocons are famous for backing which ever party is in the white at the time and they must have known that the Dems would be occupying the White House after these elections. Well, look no further than the man Obama will have as his chief-of-staff, old Clinton retread Rahm Emanuel, a fervent Zionist if there ever was one. His father Rahm Emanuel if you remember your history was a member of Irgun, a terrorist group that bombed hotels, buses and markets in the 1940’s and along with the Stern Gang was responsible for the Deir Yassin massacre. Like I said the neocons have jumped ship and the Obama cabal will welcome them with open arms. One final caveat to Obama, watch your back.

nota said:

6 November 2008 at 4:30 pm

“We on the other hand, have been jacking off to one thing: BLAME CONSPIRACIES WHILE DOING F*CK ALL TO ALTER THE COURSE OF HISTORY.”

Could you please elaborate as to what “conspiracies” are you referring to?

“Obama will be a better, more sane president for the US and it’s interests. Which means it will be an administration that genuinely tries to help democracy in our country. At least I hope so.”

Keep on hoping. Regarding “it will be an administration that genuinely tries to help democracy in our country”: Man, what have you been smoking? Next thing you know you will be hoping all this from the AZ administration.

BUT do mark my words: This hope of yours will soon — say six months at the max — bite the dust?

How do you “ALTER THE COURSE OF HISTORY” while holding out a beggar’s bowl?

nota said:

7 November 2008 at 3:05 am

“well, there were only two choices, and with McCain, the other zionist leg would be up “dunyaa-e islam”’s arse so high we wouldn’t stop b*tching about it for another 4 years instead of DOING something about it.”

Of course their were only two choices and — if one is to buy the fairytale of American two-party system — of the two certainly there is no question Obama was the better candidate. But then you are assuming having one zionist leg would up “dunyaa-e islam”’s arse is somehow better than having the other leg up there.

Maybe you were hoping Nader or Ron Paul to become president but unfortunately it didn’t turn out that way.”

Certainly Nader and Ron Paul would make better presidents but of course I know there is no way they would win the presidency. They would be lucky to get even 5% of the votes put together. I also think Imran Khan would make a better president or PM but am I hoping he would win the next election? Of course not. Like I said I do not believe in fairy tales.

“Obviously, we can’t expect obama to be “our” president, we’re too spineless to hold our own masters accountable. let alone the masters of our masters.”

Obviously. What I do find funny is us thinking our supporting one candidate or the other makes a difference.

but if there is something to be learned from Israel’s behaviour and how their supporters used their presence in the states to their country’s advantage, we’re not paying attention to it.

Two things: Money and Unity. We have neither and nor are we anyway close to being there. India is someone who certainly has been paying attention and the results are in front of us.

Instead, we’re blaming various enemies. Well, they’re our enemines. We need to stop whining about how our enemies are screwing us over. Well .. D’uh! That is the problem with our discourse methinks.

I am not blaming anyone but our belief in fantasies. Fantasies like Obama’s win somehow means our problems are over and we can sit back and relax.

Also, what choice do you got? If it ain’t obama with the occasional AIPAIC ass-kissing, it’s spineless McCain with his Yarmulke 24/7… take your pick. It’s checkmate time for the ole “bay-tegh sipahi’s” unfortunatly. I don’t think my expectations will bite the dust because I don’t expect Obama to do us any favors.

Ditto! 🙂

nota said:

7 November 2008 at 3:23 am

Reminds me of an old joke:

A shipwrecked sailor who is captured by cannibals. He’s tied to a palm tree, and given a choice by the village chief:

“Moola, or Death?”

The sailor has no idea what moola is, but figures it’s got to be better than death, so he chooses the moola. With that all the male warriors in the tribe queue up and give it to him up the arse.

Later that night the sailor manages to free himself from his bonds and makes a break for freedom, but the men in the tribe are good trackers and they recapture him the next day, dragging him back to the village and tying him to the same palm that night. The chief gives him the same choice:

“Moola, or Death?”

His butt is stinging, but he figures it’s still better than death, so again he chooses moola. Once again the male members of the tribe line up to give it to him up the arse.

After everyone has finished and gone to sleep, the sailor again breaks free and makes a run for it, but the next day the warriors go after him, capture him and bring him back. Once again he’s tied to the palm tree, and the chief gives him the same choice:

“Moola, or Death?”

With his butt now red raw and bleeding, he makes what he reckons is now the saner choice of death. The chief smiles and pronounces:

“Okay then — Death by moola!”

nota said:

7 November 2008 at 3:55 am

Good to know I am not the only one 🙂
(But what do I know, me being from the “old” generation and the new one being so smart they can SMS at 120+ cpm) 😛

Obama’s First Pick Raises Eyebrows
But his choice for the White House chief of staff does not endorse his intention of coalescing America into “one nation under God”, as he said in his acceptance speech.

Congressman Rahm Emanuel, who has accepted the offer, was called “combative and foul-mouthed” when he served in the Clinton administration as a presidential aide.

Mr Emanuel may also be less appealing to the Arabs because of his staunchly pro-Israeli views and his father’s association with the squad that forced Palestinians to leave their homes for settling Jewish refugees.

Mr Obama is likely to retain President Bush’s Secretary of Defence, Robert Gates, at least in the transitional period. Mr Obama believes that retaining Mr Gates would send a positive signal to the Pentagon at a time when the United States is involved in two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, his aides say.

Michael Hayden, the CIA director, may also stay on at the intelligence agency.

Gen Anthony Zinni, a former chief of the US Central Command, has been mentioned as a possible nominee for the national security adviser’s job. His nomination, if it happens, will be good for Pakistan as he is known to have a soft corner for the country.

Republican Senator Richard Lugar has been tipped for the State Department. Another Republican senator, Chuck Hagel, is also likely to be a part of the Obama team.

Sources in the Obama camp say that Senator John Kerry, the 2004 Democratic presidential nominee, is also being considered to replace Condoleezza Rice as Secretary of State, while her predecessor Colin Powell – who shocked fellow Republicans by endorsing Mr Obama over John McCain – is a possible Pentagon chief or education secretary.

The president-elect wanted Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson to continue, at least until he finds a good replacement for him. Mr Paulson, however, has said that he wants to retire as soon as possible.

This prompted sources in the Obama camp to acknowledge that the first major appointment Mr Obama may make is that of treasury secretary, who will oversee the $700 billion rescue package and help guide the economy through its worst global economic crisis since the Great Depression.

Larry Summers, 53, who served in the same post under President Clinton, is favourite for the job. Another contender is Timothy Geithner, president of the New York Federal Reserve.

Mr Obama is also expected to make a powerful gesture to the Democratic Party heritage by offering Caroline Kennedy, whose father President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, the post of US ambassador to the United Nations.

And her cousin Robert F. Kennedy Jr., son of Senator Robert Kennedy, who was murdered in 1968, might become chief of the Environmental Protection Agency.

William Daley, a commerce secretary under President Clinton and Al Gore’s presidential campaign manager in 2000, has been appointed to the transition team and could be in line for a cabinet post.

nota said:

7 November 2008 at 5:39 am

It Could be a Long, Hard Struggle
A Look Under the Hood at the (Potential) Obama Administration

By Joshua Frank

November 06, 2008 — – Tuesday’s celebration hangovers have finally started to wear off, and the pieces are beginning to fall into place. Change will be coming to Washington in January, but it is difficult to decipher what form it will take. Early clues, however, suggest that Barack Obama’s administration will prove unlikely to alter the fundamental political machinery that has led us into war and economic turmoil. Below is a brief summary of Obama’s potential choices for a few key roles in his administration….

nota said:

7 November 2008 at 5:54 am

Interesting this comes from Larry Pinkney of
An Obama Presidency: More Of The Same Only Worse

“I believe that there will ultimately be a clash between the oppressed and those who do the oppressing. I believe that there will be a clash between those who want freedom, justice, and equality for everyone and those who want to continue the system of exploitation. I believe that there will be that kind of clash, but I don’t think it will be based on the color of the skin…” – Malcolm X

…In relative short order – inside the United States itself – under a Barack Obama presidency, the living conditions of the majority of Black, White, Brown, Red, and Yellow peoples will continue to steadily and massively deteriorate while the corporate Wall Street barons prolong their glut of the every day people’s finances, resources, hopes, and dreams. Under an Obama presidency those non Blacks who stand in opposition to Barack Obama’s de facto pro Wall Street backers and their blood-sucking policies will be branded as racists and traitors, while those Blacks who oppose Obama’s policies will be ignored and/or branded as fringe radicals and traitors. Thus, the horrors of the U.S. Empire will continue unabated, and in many respects, under Barack Obama, actually worsen. The blame for the deteriorating economy and continued war will of course quickly be laid by the Obama / Biden regime and the Democratic Party Republicrats on the previous Bush / Cheney regime, despite the fact that it was the complicity of the Democratic Party itself with the Bush / Cheney Republican Republicrat regime that facilitated the despicable policies and practices of the Bush / Cheney regime. The fact is that the Democratic and Republican Parties are de facto Republicrats with the objective of exploiting the majority of people and maintaining U.S. Empire abroad….
( Editorial Board Member, Larry Pinkney, is a veteran of the Black Panther Party, the former Minister of Interior of the Republic of New Africa, a former political prisoner and the only American to have successfully self-authored his civil/political rights case to the United Nations under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

And Seth Freedman asks in Guardian:
A New False Dawn
Obama won four in every five Jewish votes as Israel’s invasion of Gaza continued overnight. Does his victory change anything?

nota said:

7 November 2008 at 6:10 am

President-Elect Obama and the Future of US Foreign Policy: A Roundtable Discussion


John Pilger, Australian investigative journalist, bestselling author, and documentary filmmaker. His latest book is Freedom Next Time: Resisting the Empire, and his most recent film is called The War on Democracy.

Mahmood Mamdani, Professor of Government and Anthropology at Columbia University. He has written extensively on post-colonial African politics, and his most recent book is Good Muslim, Bad Muslim: America, the Cold War and the Roots of Terror. His latest article for The Nation magazine focuses on recent events in Darfur and is called “The New Humanitarian Order.”

Ali Abunimah, author of One Country: A Bold Proposal to End the Israeli-Palestinian Impasse and co-founder of The Electronic Intifada

Laura Carlsen, director of the Mexico City-based Americas Policy Program of the Center for International Policy. She has written extensively on US relations with Latin America.

Tariq Ali, veteran journalist, commentator and activist. He was born in Lahore, Pakistan and lives in London. He has written over a dozen books and is on the editorial board of the New Left Review. His latest book is called The Duel: Pakistan on the Flight Path of American Power.

Raed Jarrar, Iraqi blogger and political analyst. He is the Iraq consultant for the American Friends Service Committee.

nota said:

7 November 2008 at 6:18 am

Ali Abunimah on Avrahm Israel Emanuel

And from before the elections:

The Book of Rahm: Emanuel’s War Plan for Democrats
By John Walsh

Obama Joins the Club

nota said:

7 November 2008 at 7:06 am


Let me see…Could you please point out which of these you consider “conservative, right-wing, republican, propaganda links”:

Tariq Ali, John Pilger, Mahmood Mamdani, Ali Abunimah, Laura Carlsen, Raed Jarrar, Larry Pinkney, Seth Freedman, Joshua Frank, John Walsh?

What about Dawn, BlackCommentator, Counterpunch, Guardian, DemocracyNow?

(I bet none of these names is familiar to you. I bet you haven’t even bothered to read even one of the articles (not that you would have comprehended one anyways. I am right on all counts, right? Right?? RIGHT??? Now be honest. What an utter FOOL you are…By the way thanks for proving it!!!)

nota said:

7 November 2008 at 7:39 am

“Can someone tell me why Rahm Emanuel did not gave Liberman the democractic party ticket to run in 2006 for Conneticut’s senate race. And why Liberman and Mc Cain campainged together so strongly in 2008.”

Well it really was not up to Rahm Emanuel as Lieberman had lost in the Democratic party primary (Lamont beat him). So basically he was not the top candidate from Connecticut. As far as 2008 is concerned, remember he had endorsed McCain back in 2007 and officially joined chairman of Republican presidential hopeful John McCain’s state leadership team back in January. Speculation was rife he would switch parties as far back as 2005. He is a ‘Republican’ for all practical purposes.

nota said:

7 November 2008 at 8:38 am

“your condescending tone is not helping your cause.

Throwing a few (out of Many links) Anti-Capitalism names and suggesting that they’re Against Obama….is your answer?…He’s is the symbol of Change”

First of all “Obama” or “anti-Obama” is not my “cause.”

Second, I am not looking for any “help”.

Third, make up your mind: are these people “conservative, right-wing, republican, propaganda links” or “Anti-Capitalism names”

Fourth, I am afraid merely that: a “symbol”.

Fifth, I hope to God I am wrong and he lives up to your expectations (though honestly I don’t see it happening).

Sixth, Thanks for throwing me back a link to the “conservative, right-wing, republican, propaganda links, Anti-Capitalist” Tariq Ali for I always enjoy whatever he writes. Let me throw one back your way:

…There’s an illusion that has been around for a long, long time and that illusion is that the man or woman who looks like they are in charge are actually in charge. Au contraire. There are exceptions to this, as in the case of dictators and sundry, yet even then there is the possible implication that something you can’t see is controlling them. In the case of Barack Obama, he hasn’t been around long enough to make even the usual work related associations of any length because he hasn’t been around for very long…

nota said:

7 November 2008 at 8:45 am

“your counterpunch references are utterly bias and bogus.

Counterpunch is famous for having anti-israel views”

So are you saying it is only acceptable to have a pro-Israel bias (most mainstream press) but not anti-israel bias? By the way please do inform me which part of which article I poster you consider “bogus”?

nota said:

7 November 2008 at 8:55 am

Of course he was saying all the right things then (August 01, 2007 2007) but much time has passed and much has changed in his stance since then. Why don’t you compare it to his capitulation in front of AIPAC (link provided earlier) or his list his threats to Pakistan and Iran? Which one should I believe???

And we already know words are not Hadith or Quran 😛

And by the way people do say a lot of things before elections like:
“We will restore judiciary!”
“CJ Iftikhar is our CJ”
“Go Musharraf Go”
“Away with 17th Amendment”
“We respect the mandate of the people”
“We will end VVIP culture
“Roti Kapra aur Makaan!”
“We will folow the Charter of Democracy in letter and in spirit”
“We will end military operations in NWFP and Baluchistan”
“No more Missing People”
“Equal opportunity for all!”
Etc, etc, etc.

It is only after the elections that they go “Daykhain jee, jub aap iqtidar mein aatay haiN to reality farq hoti hey” blah, blah, blah…

nota said:

7 November 2008 at 12:50 pm

Here is an example of how the “trusted” media is going to be “reporting”:

Chris Matthews comes out of the closet

nota said:

7 November 2008 at 1:02 pm

A chip off the old block? 🙂
Emanuel Was Director Of Freddie Mac During Scandal
New Obama Chief of Staff, Others on Board, Missed “Red Flags” of Alleged Fraud Scheme.

President-elect Barack Obama’s newly appointed chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, served on the board of directors of the federal mortgage firm Freddie Mac at a time when scandal was brewing at the troubled agency and the board failed to spot “red flags,” according to government reports reviewed by

According to a complaint later filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission, Freddie Mac, known formally as the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, misreported profits by billions of dollars in order to deceive investors between the years 2000 and 2002. …

nota said:

7 November 2008 at 6:10 pm

At least be original. I have already been accused by @BJ of being paid by the “establishment”. Somehow I don’t remember getting any checks from Zardaro or having received an invitation from him for a trip to Saudia 🙂

Of “lota” title has also been used which makes no sense but I guess you cannot come up with anything better. 🙂

And do you really believe “the American Muslim community had an opportunity to be a part of significant change”? I think what you intended to write is “the American Muslim community was a part of significant change.” Well that ought to prove you live in a fantasy world. Somehow I heard the same arguments from the “the American Muslim community” when they were voting for Bush senior and Bush Jr (I know for I was there laughing my head off). By the way “Congratulations” to the “the American Muslim community” for they now “own” Washington D.C.

By the way, what was it that really pissed you off (not that I care)? Was it my shots at Obama or was it Rahm? Or was it my listing AZ/PPP quotes?? 🙂

Of course time will prove me right and like I said earlier: the picture will come clear in max six months time (but doubt you will even then see the light) 🙂

By the way what was your point in the comment listing Walt and Mearsheimer? That:“AIPAC has hijacked CApitol Hill. and have been spying for Israel.
The study clearly proves all of the above.”

Brilliant!! Is this some “new” discovery? If so, you might also check out their followup book with the same title.

nota said:

7 November 2008 at 6:32 pm

Please disregard my advise about the book. From your conclusion (“The study clearly proves all of the above”) I gather you haven’t even read the Walt and Mearsheimer paper. Doubt your attention span will allow you to read the book…

nota said:

9 November 2008 at 3:51 am

In the spirit of “DaykhaiN jee, Jab aap hakoomat meiN aa jaatay haiN to situation badal jati hay”:

Obama bids to temper runaway expectations
“The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep. We may not get there in one year or even in one term,” he said. 🙂

nota said:

9 November 2008 at 3:19 pm

Obama’s choice draws anti-Arab taunt
In strikingly racist remarks, the father of Rahm Emanuel has said Israel will benefit from Obama’s choice of White House chief of staff.

“Obviously he will influence the president to be pro-Israel. Why wouldn’t he be? What is he, an Arab? He’s not going to clean the floors of the White House,” Benjamin Emanuel, father of Rahm Emanuel, told the Israeli Ma’ariv daily.

nota said:

12 November 2008 at 4:44 am

Some additional reading on Obama (not all negative 🙂 )
NYT: Obama Weighs Quick Undoing of Bush Policy
(Top twoisues: Stem cell research and oil drilling. Bummer!)

Obama’s Change Orgy
…Obama is no different. He will soon be exposed the person he really is; just another wolf in sheep clothing. Obama’s promises to protect the middle class are just empty promises. This was obvious after he approved the $700 billion (plus interest) bailout to give more tax money to corrupt bankers, who will use that money to buy weaker banks….

A Bone in America’s Throat
…Will the Obama Administration understand that without addressing Palestinian needs it will not be able to disentangle itself from its broader Middle Eastern imbroglios, rejoin the community of nations and rescue its economy?…

Conned Again
If the change President-elect Obama has promised includes a halt to America’s wars of aggression and an end to the rip-off of taxpayers by powerful financial interests, what explains Obama’s choice of foreign and economic policy advisors? Indeed, Obama’s selection of Rahm Israel Emanuel as White House chief of staff is a signal that change ended with Obama’s election. The only thing different about the new administration will be the faces….But Obama’s advisers are drawn from the same gang of Washington thugs and Wall Street banksters as Bush’s

America Does Itself Proud
…For the first time in a very long time, I felt a little pride about what my country was doing. This election felt to me like nothing so much as a reclaiming of our country from some truly evil predators who had hijacked it, and a restoration of democracy – and, really, sanity – to our political sphere….

Zinn: Obama’s Historic Victory
Those of us on the Left who have criticized Obama, as I have, for his failure to take bold positions on the war and on the economy, must join the exultation of those Americans, black and white, who shouted and wept Tuesday night as they were informed that Barack Obama had won the presidential election. It is truly a historic moment, that a black man will lead our country. The enthusiasm of the young, black and white, the hopes of their elders, cannot simply be ignored….

America Has Already Changed
…Barack Obama campaigned on a platform of “Change”; however, the fact of his election proves that America has already changed…

A Plea From Israel: Come, Obama, Change My Life
…Come to Israel, grab its stupid leadership by the throat and take its foot off the neck of another people. Come and force us to do what is clear, and written, and fitting, and necessary, come and get us out of the Territories, if necessary do it with a smile that reveals million-dollar teeth. If necessary bare your teeth and force us to do it….

Obama, Emanuel and Israel
…The profound loathing and hatred of the Muslim world toward the United States, which has always had its roots for America’s unconditional support for the injustices inflicted and still being inflicted on the Palestinians, can fairly be considered the core of the primary foreign policy and “national security” problems confronting the United States in recent years. Why would Obama, a man of unquested brilliance, have chosen to send such a contemptuous message to the Muslim world with his first major appointment? Why would he wish to disabuse the Muslim world of its hopes (however modest) and slap it across the face at the ealiest opportunity?

A further contemptuous message is widely rumored to be forthcoming — the naming as “Special Envoy for Middle East Peace” of Dennis Ross, the notorious Israel-Firster who, throughout the 12 years of the Bush the First and Clinton administrations, ensured that American policy toward the Palestinians did not deviate one millimeter from Israeli policy and that no progress toward peace could be made and who has since headed the AIPAC spin-off “think tank”, the Washington Institute for Near East Policy….

Wikipedia removes page about Rahm’s father
(Main reasons given: “A minor figure. Not notable as a mere member of the Irgun. Not notable as a pediatrician. Not notable as the father of three notable sons. Can easily be covered in their biographies without a separate article.” 🙂 (So it was OK to have his page but now that people will be more interested, he becomes less important. At least this confirms he was “member of the Irgun” terrorist organization 🙂

Our Obama Problem — A View from Europe
…A final problem is that Obama’s critics will automatically be suspected of racism. Already being “anti-American” is identified by Zionists with being antisemitic, so with a African-American president, we can expect the worst of both worlds.

The question therefore is, how much will Obama be able to get away with, if and when his foreign policy clashes with the expectations of his leftist European supporters ? Because of the strength of the illusions, it is of course very difficult to combat them before he has done anything. The only hope is that people will take him, not at his word, because he has not promised anything, but at what they think his word is, and will react furiously when he betrays their (unfounded) hopes. Only that can prevent the United States from escalating its wars in Afghanistan, Iraq or elsewhere….

nota says:

Disclosure: I am no fan of Obama (or any American figurehead)

I posted several comments here under “Why I as a Pakistani, choose to support Obama, instead of McCain” suggesting that people — and not just Pakistanis — who saw Obama as a savior of sorts were in for a rude shock. Since then, a lot has gone on (like his cabinet appointments) that further validates what I have been saying. Here are a few additional links and see where I am coming from:
Black Commentator: Under Obama, Prepare for Repression, Subterfuge, and Continuing Wars The End of the Affair: Obama and the antiwar movement

John Pilger: Beware of Obama’s Groundhog Day

Gen. Hayden and the claimed irrelevance of presidential appointments

Obama may be stuck with anti-pot crusading GOP US Attorney

James Petras: Barack Obama: “America’s First Jewish President”

Obama’s Familiar Orbit

“Obama is merely a fop for the global elite”

Obama’s War Cabinet

Obama/Bush/Clinton, 3-in-one Presidency

India has right to protect itself: Obama

Clinton staffers make up nearly two- thirds of Obama transition team

What “Change” Looks Like 🙂

nota says:

“If you ask me
Q) Should we be more scared of Obama or McCain?
A) I’d say Zardari. He poses a bigger threat than U.S troops, Indian troops and Afghan militants combined.”

Now that is “gorgeous” 🙂

“US policies are long term and it realy doesnt matters who is in office”

And that’s a fact, as well.

@Khalid M
“Also, if we look at the back of the ticket, Senator Biden is one of the sponsors of the US$ 15 billion socio-economic, pro-democracy package for Pakistan.”

Well, I hope you watched the Biden-Palin debate. In this case too Biden was more hawkish as far as Pakistan is concerned.

By the way here’s exactly what was said:
IFILL: Let’s move to Iran and Pakistan. I’m curious about what you think starting with you Sen. Biden. What’s the greater threat, a nuclear Iran or an unstable [Pakistan]? Explain why.

BIDEN: Well, they’re both extremely dangerous. I always am focused, as you know Gwen, I have been focusing on for a long time, along with Barack on Pakistan. Pakistan already has nuclear weapons. Pakistan already has deployed nuclear weapons. Pakistan’s weapons can already hit Israel and the Mediterranean. Iran getting a nuclear weapon would be very, very destabilizing. They are more than – they are not close to getting a nuclear weapon that’s able to be deployed. So they’re both very dangerous. They both would be game changers.

But look, here’s what the fundamental problem I have with John’s policy about terror instability. John continues to tell us that the central war in the front on terror is in Iraq. I promise you, if an attack comes in the homeland, it’s going to come as our security services have said, it is going to come from al Qaeda planning in the hills of Afghanistan and Pakistan. That’s where they live. That’s where they are. That’s where it will come from. And right now that resides in Pakistan, a stable government needs to be established. We need to support that democracy by helping them not only with their military but with their governance and their economic well-being.

There have been 7,000 madrasses built along that border. We should be helping them build schools to compete for those hearts and minds of the people in the region so that we’re actually able to take on terrorism and by the way, that’s where bin Laden lives and we will go at him if we have actually intelligence.

IFILL: Governor, nuclear Pakistan, unstable Pakistan, nuclear Iran? Which is the greater threat?

PALIN: Both are extremely dangerous, of course. And as for who coined that central war on terror being in Iraq, it was the Gen. Petraeus and al Qaeda, both leaders there and it’s probably the only thing that they’re ever going to agree on, but that it was a central war on terror is in Iraq. You don’t have to believe me or John McCain on that. I would believe Petraeus and the leader of al Qaeda.

An armed, nuclear armed especially Iran is so extremely dangerous to consider. They cannot be allowed to acquire nuclear weapons period. Israel is in jeopardy of course when we’re dealing with Ahmadinejad as a leader of Iran. Iran claiming that Israel as he termed it, a stinking corpse, a country that should be wiped off the face of the earth. Now a leader like Ahmadinejad who is not sane or stable when he says things like that is not one whom we can allow to acquire nuclear energy, nuclear weapons. Ahmadinejad, Kim Jong Il, the Castro brothers, others who are dangerous dictators are one that Barack Obama has said he would be willing to meet with without preconditions being met first.

And an issue like that taken up by a presidential candidate goes beyond naivete and goes beyond poor judgment. A statement that he made like that is downright dangerous because leaders like Ahmadinejad who would seek to acquire nuclear weapons and wipe off the face of the earth an ally like we have in Israel should not be met with without preconditions and diplomatic efforts being undertaken first.

nota says:

@Lady M.B.B.S.
“whoever is going to be the president of United States i think this should not be our headache.”

And no matter who is going to be the president of United States he is going to be our headache.

BTW remember not only the Pakistani but muslim community in America overwhelmingly voted for George W. Bush. 🙂

nota says:

Obama Threatens Dire Consequences if Iran Doesn’t Change its Ways
…Both McCain and Obama said they would come to Israel’s aid against an attack from Iran during the debate, with McCain saying he would not wait for UN approval to intervene militarily, and Obama saying that the U.S. cannot take the military option off the table or allow the Islamic Republic to acquire a nuclear weapon…

nota says:

Obama to stiffle speech on the web? Well, you decide:
New AG Choice Advocated To Stifle Speech On Web

nota says:

Like I stated in the previous Obama thread, I am convinced Obama will be worst for Pakistan than even Bush. Leaving those arguments aside, let me just point out a few things that shatter the “Change” illussion:
How Many Clinton Retreads Does It Take to Screw Up an Obama Administration?
This Is Change? 20 Hawks, Clintonites and Neocons to Watch for in Obama’s White House
Robert Gates: As Bad as Rumsfeld? (Gates is expected to keep his job)
WARNING: Obama’s economic gang – Fasten your belt
Is Obama Killing his Honeymoon?

Obama & Pakistan (5 minute video)

As for hopes in Biden, let me point you to this WeAreChange video (8 Minutes):

Vice President Joe Biden promises WeAreChange an upcoming crisis

To me this video is REALLY SCARY in light of the campaign going on in America that any attack happening on America will have it’s base in Pakistan. So if Biden is “promising” a “GENERATED crisis” very soon (as soon as January) you know WHO will be blamed….

nota says:

Just wanted to add the above the statements of Gates & Co. over the last year and a news article from today:
July 2007: NIE: Al-Qaida Planning U.S. Attack
According to the latest National Intelligence Estimate [PDF], al-Qaida presents a “persistent and evolving” threat to the United States…

Sept 2008: Gates: Terror Groups in Pakistan Greatest Threat to Afghanistan, US
…Gates told members of the Senate Armed Services Committee Tuesday that the United States faces committed enemies in the tribal areas of Pakistan and until those safe havens are removed, insecurity and violence will persist. “If you asked me today, after the successes that we have had against al-Qaida in Iraq where the greatest threat to the homeland lies, I would tell you it is in western Pakistan,” he said….

‘US military can meet Obama’s demands’
WASHINGTON: The top US military officer said the Defence Department is developing plans to get American troops quickly out of Iraq and into Afghanistan to battle a more confident and successful Taliban….

nota says:

Maybe the question could be “Is Hillary good for us?”

Hillary plays hardball
The first sign of friction in the Obama camp as Mrs Clinton demands – and gets – a purge of her critics before accepting Secretary of State role

By Leonard Doyle in Washington
Sunday, 23 November 2008
Before Hillary Clinton has been formally offered the job as Secretary of State, a purge of Barack Obama’s top foreign policy team has begun.

The advisers who helped trash the former First Lady’s foreign policy credentials on the campaign trail are being brutally shunted aside, as the price of her accepting the job of being the public face of America to the world. In negotiations with Mr Obama this week before agreeing to take the job, she demanded and received assurances that she alone should appoint staff to the State Department. She also got assurances that she will have direct access to the President and will not have to go through his foreign policy advisers on the National Security Council, which is where many of her critics in the Obama team are expected to end up….

nota says:

Re: Robert Gates: As Bad as Rumsfeld? (Gates is expected to keep his job)

Well, it is now confirmed:
Robert Gates to stay on as Defence Secretary in Obama administration

And here is what it means:
Gates Backs Buildup of U.S. Troops in Afghanistan
US could OK Afghan “surge” before Obama takes office

nota said:

21 January 2009 at 6:57 am

“this is the nuttiest conspiraciest outlook”
Really not that nutty.

“Obama is the best thing that could happen to the U.S. at this juncture.”
Now that is nutty! I know! I know!! Just wait a few months, say till April and you will have somewhat agree with @ConcernedAmericanPak. (e.g.
The headlines might be “Obama seeks halt to Guantanamo trials”, but the reality will be “Secret List of U.S. Military Bases to Replace Gitmo”). I would go so far as to say the “change” will be like the change we saw with Mush leaving…:-O

nota said:

22 January 2009 at 4:18 am

“The hope prevailed over darkness, optimism over pessimism. Obama is a hope.”

Coming from someone who would also say “The hope prevailed over darkness, optimism over pessimism. Zardari is a hope”, this is certainly NOT comforting 😛

nota said:

23 January 2009 at 10:50 am

Here’s the latest offering from Obama:
Richard “The Bulldozer” Holbrooke Named Envoy To Subcontinent

nota said:

24 January 2009 at 2:14 am

It was a twin-strike that killed at least 20, accoding to WP. And don’t you love the way NYT puts it:
Strikes in Pakistan Underscore Obama’s Options
“…In the second attack, missiles struck a house near the village of Wana in South Waziristan, killing seven people, according to local accounts and Pakistani news reports. The reports said three of the dead were children….

nota said:

24 January 2009 at 2:31 am

Won’t you agree Foxman is beinng a fox here:
Foxman: George Mitchell is too ‘fair’ and ‘even-handed’ to serve as Middle East envoy.

Now he knows exactly who George is going to be working for and he will be anything but ‘fair’ and ‘even-handed’. It is also a warning to Mitchell he dare not even think about being ‘fair’ and ‘even-handed’ for that is not the status-quo.

Here’s an article by Wajahat Ali who still has hope in ObamaBeyond the Rhetoric: Obama and the Muslims

nota said:

24 January 2009 at 6:28 am

Regarding the latest drone strikes, Guardian is reporting it was Obama who gave the go-ahead for the strikes.

WaPo sees them as a Concrete Sign of Obama’s Pakistan Policy and calls them the “first tangible sign of President Obama’s commitment to sustained military pressure on the terrorist groups there, even though Pakistanis broadly oppose such unilateral U.S. actions.”

Meanwhile, WSJ goes gaga over Bush policies claiming “The Laws of War Have Served Us Well” and hopes “Mr. Obama will uphold the legal architecture necessary to continue the war against al Qaeda and its jihadist allies”, calling “the civilian criminal-justice system…an inadequate tool to deal with terrorists.”

They needn’t worry 🙂

Two from Pakistan Observer:
It’s American money & weapons
Diabolical Indo-Israeli nexus

nota said:

25 January 2009 at 4:34 am

Gaza? Zionists?? IDF??? Not really. It’s the handiwork of our security forces:
99 houses demolished in Mohmand

Also there was a protest the day before in Islamabad by the residents of Swat and yesterday Thousands attend funeral of drone victims

In other news:
Eight (ALLEGED) militants among 11 killed in Swat (Should this not read ‘CONFIRMED 3 Civilians Killed’?

Obama ordered Waziristan air strikes

Fata toughest challenge for Obama, says Holbrooke

nota said:

25 January 2009 at 4:45 am

Should have added:
Gilani proved wrong on end to drone attacks
(Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani had publicly stated that missile attacks on the Pakistani soil by the US drones would end with the installation of Barack Obama as the US president.)

Zardari asks US to end drone attacks
(Like he would be taken seriously)

The following I found particularly funny:
Gilani invites Holbrooke to visit Pakistan
Funny because Gillani expects us to believe Holbrooke needs his invitation to drop by AND it ignores they fact that Holbrooke had already announced he planned to visit Afghanistan and Pakistan “as soon as possible”

nota said:

25 January 2009 at 4:52 am

“dyslexic vagina”

Please elaborate…

“Stop stating the fvcking obvious! Obama is not anyone’s mama ji! He’s going to further the imperial interests of the US and that means maintaining and expanding a presence in Afghanistan to consolidate control over the Central Asian energy reserves and to keep china and russias interests in check.”

Obvious? To you and me may be but certainly not to most who see “Obama=Hope”

nota said:

28 January 2009 at 4:58 am

Obama ‘Reaches Out’ To Muslims: ‘Drone Attacks To Continue’, ‘Israel Is Right’
Biden vows more strikes inside Pakistan
Same old Hillary
Kadima Kicks Off Campaign With Threat to Kill Hamas Leaders
Full Speed Ahead With Bush’s Policies in Israel and Afghanistan
A Bibi-Barack Collision?
Thus Sprach Barack: Pouring Acid on Gaza’s Wounds

BTW: Here is a sampling of the responses I got: 🙂

ResidentEvil wrote:


I wouldn’t go into an argument with you since I DO believe that it’d be QUIT pointless considering your conviction and determination of trying to prove how Obama is The Worst president in the US history…….

[Well ResidentEvil, time HAS proven me RIGHT 😛 ]

But I would say this;

Screw you and your conservative, right-wing, republican, propaganda links, URLs and stale references! You sound WORSE than Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.

This is the best thing that could happen to America after 8 long years and people like you can’t ruin for Millions of people.

piyariawam wrote:

@Nota, you are sick, its too little too late in the game, u need to get yourself fixed. ASAP.

Barack Obama is the first American President in history to not receive a majority of the vote of white men.

41% for Barack Obama, 54% for John McCain. So, in many ways, the American Muslim community had an opportunity to be a part of significant change in the American electoral process.

Go Obama GO!!!.

we_are_nuts wrote:

You crazy jerks amaze the heck out of normal people.
Let’s see, if we are believe the same sources that you quote about Rahm (about Israel, Mossad Blah, Blah…)then i come to the conclusion:

A ‘manchurian’ President-Elect of the Unites States of America named Barack Hussien Obama II, who is a closeted muslim and studied in Indonesian Madrassahs learning to hate Christians and Jews now pretending to be a member of the United Church of Christ, has hired a Mossad double agent as his Cheif of Staff who has more loyalty to Israel then to Barak?…

Nota, why don’t you write novels?

Rahm is from Chicago and so is Barack. He is hard noosed guy who has made his way up by trempling on jerks like you and maybe some nice people. You are using the Republican talking points against a Democratic White House Chief of Staff while all the while cursing the Republican President of the Unites States of America named George Bush for causing havoc around the world. I think Bush/Republicans/Bohner couldn’t find a better ally in the world than you……



9 Responses to “No Surprise: ‘Even Charles Manson could beat him now’”

  1. 1 Observer January 16, 2010 at 9:47 pm

    So true, but remember you were not the only one to look through uncle Obama 😉

    I am really amazed at why the baboo people so desperately wanted a western leader to reach out for them. Maybe it was like wanting a lifeline to continue the foreign adapted lifestyle of theirs. “Kawa chala Hans ki chal aur apni chaal bhi bhool gaya”. Off course the people the baboos so badly want to imitate don’t recognise their efforts, but still they desperately want to be accepted by them. It will never happen – even if the ready themselves to sell their mother.

  2. 2 nota January 16, 2010 at 10:10 pm

    Of course I remember 🙂 And there were a few more (Even Ghost was on our side till the ‘taliban’ and later Neda screwed up his mind 😉

    “even if the ready themselves to sell their mother.”
    Oh, they’d wear that as a badge of honor!

  3. 3 nota January 17, 2010 at 9:09 am

    And remember, all those comments were when he was about to become prez or right after. What Obama has done since is just mind boggling. Here is a small sampling (trust me — it is but a sample):

  4. 4 Observer January 25, 2010 at 1:33 pm


    have a look

    Please give your opinion on the above news……for met it is too good to be true. In other words….I am suspicious.

  5. 6 Observer January 25, 2010 at 1:35 pm


    I suppose it is an unintended and automatic moderation.

  6. 8 Observer January 25, 2010 at 2:12 pm

    On the other hand Taliban is claiming to have shot down the drone:
    Taliban claim shooting down US drone in NWA

    • 9 nota January 25, 2010 at 6:50 pm

      Right! I saw that. Putting on my CT hat, I asked why now? There have been hundreds of flights and they have flown without a care. Of course this “the drones were seen flying at a low altitude due to cloudy weather” is total bull. They don’t need to do that so if it was flying low, it was for other reasons. I am more inclined to believe that “There is possibility that the plane might have crashed due to a technical fault and the militants claimed responsibility just for boosting the morale of their people. They often do such things.” Looks like a repeat of Sept, 2008 incident a bit South…a year before that operation was officially started.

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