Zardari The Hawk

Translation: “With my hawkish eyes I am able spot all thieves”

Yeah, we know! We know you won’t let any thief get away without collecting your 10%…. 😉

Same story from The News


11 Responses to “Zardari The Hawk”

  1. 1 Project January 18, 2010 at 2:17 am

    Haha – thank you for that headline!

    Or perhaps I ought to be crying?

    Do you think Pakistan is a lost cause?

    If not, is there a solution?

    What is it?

    I don’t mean in theory – for we all know that one – I mean in practice? What is it?

    Corrupt politicians aren’t the core problem in my view. Our mental enslavement to the whiteman is. If we can solve that problem, all else will automatically follow. While many think that poverty is the first problem of Pakistan, I think it is mental colonization of our privileged class which enables us to follow the whiteman’s mantras, schemes, diabolics, and bullshit.

    But that is also understood by the hectoring hegemons!

    So is there a solution? Or are we to remain mainly sardonically content commenting on the various tortuous headlines from the comforts of our living room?


    Zahir Ebrahim

  2. 2 nota January 18, 2010 at 11:40 am

    “So is there a solution? Or are we to remain mainly sardonically content commenting on the various tortuous headlines from the comforts of our living room?”

    Well there is no “living room comfort” where I am may be that is why I have often suggested a “Year Zero” of sorts…of course that means getting my head chopped as well but so be it (but like a friend said “But here even the 4 year-olds are corrupted…”)

    From your ‘note’:
    “Is anyone else bothered by all this “waiting for Allah”? How much bothered? Drawing-room conversation level bothered? Writing level bothered (as I seem to be)? Okay my imagination ends here… must not have done too much ‘knowing thy self’ and ‘jihad-un-nafs’ …”

    Well wait all they will — He is too busy wondering where did this moronic concept took root from. “waiting for Allah” is something I hear everyday and raises my temp instantly. It is something we have adopted out of laziness and ethical/moral bankruptcy that we have embraced…nothing else…

  3. 4 Observer January 18, 2010 at 7:12 pm


    ” We know you won’t let any thief get away without collecting your 10%…. ”

    10 % is history. God knows what the “charges” are nowadays. After all he is the President of Pakistan 😦

  4. 5 nota January 18, 2010 at 7:37 pm

    I know, I know …

    BTW: Here is the latest ‘original’ offering from the genius:
    Every Pakistani to get ‘Roti, Kapra aur Makan’: Zardari

    And I am sure he got a standing ovation from the jiyala crowd…

    BTW, this reminds me of an old comment of mine (13 December 2007):

    nota said:
    @Shan Ali
    “PPP manifesto:-
    1967 – roti kapra or makan
    2007 – roti kapra or makan
    2037 – roti kapra or makan”

    1967 – roti kapra or makan
    2007 – Ya roti Ya kapra or Ya makan
    2037 – Na roti Na kapra and Na makan

    (I was wrong. I should have said 2017 for the last date)

    Meanwhile, in other news (from today’s papers only) that smell as if ‘Roti, Kapra, aur Makan’ dream are just around the corner:
    Railway racing at full speed into a financial dead end
    Pakistan Steel a sinking ship
    RPPs to hike power rate by 45 pc: ADB
    Liquidity, fuel issues: KESC threatens longer power cuts
    High prices continue to overburden consumers
    Petrol imports up by 274pc on CNG shortage
    Wheat crop may be short by 1mn tons
    Sindh sugar output seen plunging by 0.4mn tons
    Foreigners cancelling orders for footballs

    ‘Elite US troops ready to combat Pak nukes hijack’
    Gates due this week with 125-member delegation
    Judges foil conspiracy to divide them
    Alice in scandal land
    US to spend $200mn on “education” in Pakistan: report
    Qadri Padri to issue 600-page Fatwa against suicide bombings
    Justice delayed, justice denied (Missing Persons)
    Frontier Relief package: ‘too little, too late’
    [Hey Frontier, consider it your ‘qurbani’ — or ‘fine’ for falling for government’s promises… ]

    State of PPP:
    Lahore: Removal of PPP zonal presidents raises eyebrows
    Balochistan, DGK: PPP workers stage protest rally

  5. 6 Project January 19, 2010 at 2:46 am

    Hey wait a minute my friend: “Year Zero” from your link at Wiki reads:

    “The idea behind Year Zero is that all culture and traditions within a society must be completely destroyed or discarded and a new revolutionary culture must replace it, starting from scratch. All history of a nation or people before Year Zero is largely irrelevant, as it will (as an ideal) be purged and replaced from the ground up.”

    But that is precisely the raison d’etre, as well as the modus operandi for ushering in the New World Order!

    The globalists argue the exact same thing – the corruption of the entire human race, its plaguing the environment, its over-population, its obsession with god and religion, the entrenched systems of old world order, etc. etc., can only be rescued nihilistically from itself, the phoenix of the New Atlantis can only be raised from its burnt out ashes.

    Go figure – both the good guys and the bad guys are reduced to the same modus operandi!

    I better “wait for Allah” 🙂

    And thanks for the snapshot of depressing headlines (the pharmacies here in California are running out of Prozac due to the rising unemployment, bankruptcies, people losing their homes, etc.)

    Yet here too, people are waiting on hope, as we slog on in voluntary servitude!

    At least both the Eastern and Western plebes have that in common:

    Along with, of course, having common predators.

    All the best,

    Zahir Ebrahim

    • 7 nota January 19, 2010 at 9:33 am

      “Go figure – both the good guys and the bad guys are reduced to the same modus operandi! ”

      That is why I added “of sorts” 😉

      But don’t you think when we talk of the New World Order we must stop talking of nation states, “east and west”, and realize they are illusions in these times of Corporate Rule? Is America really run by Obama and the congress? Hardly. Is the US army (and NATO) fighting for “freedom and spreading democracy”? Gen. Smedley Butler knew it way back then. And nothing has changed except the rate of rape has increased manifold….

  6. 8 Project January 19, 2010 at 7:18 am


    I just finished reading your link to the Urdu article by Mr. Haroon Rashid

    What do you guys in Pakistan make of it?

    I look at it sitting 20,000 miles away and I think that this journalist doesn’t have a clue. But he appears sincere and very pious. And I have to ask: do I want a sincere and very pious pilot flying my plane on my next trip to Pakistan, or do I want a very skilled and professional one at the task at hand?

    So why does he get column space? This is why: this columnist has, once again, like all journalists of Pakistan, including Mr. Hamid Mir, narrated the katputli-tamasha – but not the forensic political science which put Mr. Asif Ali Zardari in power. Nor has he narrated what is keeping Zardari in power, until the public demands the military be put back in the saddle or will quietly acquiesce to the ‘unity of command’ once again visibly taking over the driving seat! The prateorian guard is already invisibly in the driving seat in accordance with their paymasters’s diktats, but that is not sufficient for the final balkanization of Pakistan. Apparently, it seems, a ‘unity of command’ serves that interest more effectively.

    Want proof that all of this politcal tamasha is actually a puppet-show being run by the Pakistani military? Which nation will permit a foreign invading force to incessantly fire missiles at its own peoples, and continually plead in platitudes not to do it anymore? Whom does Pakistan military serve? It is the only nexus of power in Pakistan, and a proxy power at that for the hectoring hegemons:

    What more can I say? This Mr. Haroon Rashid is considerably endowed with a surfeit of ignorance of both modernity as well as history – I am sorry to say this – for his narrative makes it appear as though Mr. Zardari has a say in anything whatsoever, or that he ever had the option not to follow the plan laid out for him by his handlers knowing the godfather’s natural inclinations. To understand how carefully the hegemons profile their patsies and their targets, do take a look at this profile of the late Mr. Liaqat Ali Khan in the recently released U.S. National Archives, titled: “Pakistan: Partition and Military Succession”:

    The rest of the stuff there makes fascinating reading, and provides a hint of how carefully Mr. Zardari and all the politicians in a client-state must be profiled and controlled, and in the case of Pakistan, selected for the various jobs as the worst possible leaders to demoralize the nation as per the 4th generation warfare that Pakistan is being subjected to. Who in Pakistan is not demoralized today – regardless of the bit of temporary euphoria calculatingly instituted by the lawyers movement, another Hegelian dialectic, and various “revolutionary” pro-democracy movements led by the Western-slave NGOs?

    Given such a forensic view of modernity derived from both the study of history, political science, and the statecraft on the Grand Chessboard, just look at Mr. Haroon Rashid’s opening gambit. He rehashes the infantile platitude that is taught to every school children on the planet. He begins his analysis with the simplistic formulation from Allama Maudoodi, loosely translated: “Time (or history) is very unforgiving; it never endorses the fabricated or the false, and even the genuine and the truthful it accepts only with much trial and tribulation”.

    Neglecting to mention of course that empirically, the main written history invariably becomes the narratives of the victors in as much as oral history is of many a victim. The narrators galmorize, neutralize, and demonize, whomsoever they want, howsoever they want, until history becomes the concatenation of mythologies. Not all of it, but a lot of it, and separating facts from multiple fictions, connections from conspiracies and all of these from the vast omissions which are never narrated – or narrated without context – becomes next to impossible. If there wasn’t the internet for instance, where would people have read about 911 being an inside job? No Barnes and Noble, or library carries that in any respectable printed book! And why should the past have been any different, it was in fact even more censoring, as god reigned supreme as khalifas and kings!

    And in these information-age times, history is far more convoluted – it is entirely the Hegelian narrative – fiction, half-truths, manufactured consent, fabricated dissent, and the competition between two or more complex lies for the prize of which one is the gospel truth! In the past, the narratives were not laden with political science, only simple lies of omissions, and comissions. Today, the statecraft is defined by the maxim: “deception is the state of mind and the mind of state” based entirely on “waging wars by way of deception”. A greater part of it is to control the narrative. To synthesize it. To convey it. And to preserve it.

    Therefore, what is in that urdu commentary of Mr. Haroon Rashid which is not, at best, a narrative of the katputli tamasha du jour – entirely a translation of what can be glimpsed in any Western mainstream rag that is today spouting anti-Zardari message in no less measure than it was congratulating Zardari in September 2008? Different people can narrate it differently, and in different languages, but it’s all the same – a fiction enacted on the psyche of the gullible public like the Maase-musebte in Kaliyan. Dear Mr. Zardari, as are all the lauded and respected parliamentarians making their platitudinous speeches on the floor, are only side-characters in that show, very carefully cast by the casting directors of the show.

    Reading Mr. Haroon Rashid’s narrative, one wouldn’t have known it. Or perhaps I have simply misread the very pious journalist?


    Zahir Ebrahim

    • 9 nota January 19, 2010 at 10:47 am

      Well that is a bit strange. In a land where guys like Nazir Naji, Ayaz Amir, Hasan Nisar and Hamid Mir are on top, it should hardly be a surprise. I think you are expecting too much from our journalists. There is only one type of journalist in Pakistan and that is the “lifafa” kind and one must not forget they are but obedient employees of the most powerful groups. They haven’t had the guts to even publish one picture of the victims of Army actions or drone strikes (compare that to the number we get from Palestine) and take pride in regurgitating ISPR press releases as fact (“20 Militants Killed In Operation Rah-e-Nijaat”, “2 Foreigners Among 20 Terrorists Killed In Drone Attack”). In fact they haven’t even had the guts to protest when the agencies kill one of their own (and later his widow) for daring to tell a little truth.

      Speaking of journalists who get column space, here is an interesting exchange I had with one from Daily Times (Out of the 400 plus journalists in Quetta, his are the only stories that make it into the paper.

    • 10 Taukeer January 29, 2010 at 8:03 pm

      Suffering from the impact of “4th Generation warfare” I am surprised we could still find someone honest at all in the society. It is a miracle nothing less.

      I agree Zardari is a puppet but sometimes puppets get out of control and need to be kept on a tight leash. That is all this cat and mouse game being played in Pakistan is about.

  7. 11 nota January 19, 2010 at 12:07 pm

    BTW: Here is another headline from our brave leader (spoken of course from behind a bullet proof shield and under the tightest of security):

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