PML-N Caught Violating Code of Conduct for Elections

Here’s the story from a couple of days ago that got my attention:
Shakil Awan unfolds Rs5b package plan for Pindiites

And I went WTF? Can he do that?? He might be the PML-N candidate for NA-55 but he hasn’t won yet so how can he be “offering” this dough?

Strengthening the system (of corruption) eh, Nawaz?

Well,  EC has been forced to take notice (not that it does any good — unless EC has the guts to disqualify him AND IS PARTY for this serious attempt at election manipulation):
EC takes serious notice of code violation

Chief Election Commissioner Justice (r) Hamid Ali Mirza has seriously taken the complaints as well as media reports regarding allegedly announcements of development projects by the candidates, a clear violation of conduct.

EC Secretary further identified the constituencies where violations are reported are: NA-123 (Lahore VI), NA-55 (Rawalpindi-VI), NA-21 (Mansehra-II), PP-82 (Jhang-II), PP-284 (Bahawalnagar-VIII), PF-83 (Swat-IV) and PF-75 (Lakki Marwat-II).

He warned that stern action will be initiated against violators of the code of conduct or against any other act of such candidates.

Alleged? Hello!! And still a warning??

Just proves how gutless and useless EC is even today… Or should I say corrupt? Will SC take notice? Not a chance…They are too busy promoting LHC CJ to SC (Remember he is the one who lapped up the “too dangerous to hold elections” bit by PML-N — Oh I am sorry, I mean Punjab Government.


1 Response to “PML-N Caught Violating Code of Conduct for Elections”

  1. 1 Observer January 19, 2010 at 12:52 am

    I do not doubt that PML-N are doing dirty work. In fact I would be surprised if they had refrained from that. It is in their genes……but off course these shameless characters are not ashamed.

    I am not in favor of Sheda Talli but I really believe that Ahsan Iqbal got a spanking from low characters like Kaira and also the military collaborator Sheeda Talli…..

    Please watch Off The Record from January 2010

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