Aitzaz Suckers CJ (and Media) Again

This has Aitzaz’s fingerprints all over it:
PM makes surprise visit to CJ hosted reception

All smiles

And see how Aitzaz managed to get a seat right next to CJ (Shouldn’t Justice Ramday have been there??). He also managed to hold a press conference afterwards calling Gilani’s visit ‘khush-aain” and how it “reduces the tention” and how “tasadum” has been avoided (all of which the media is lapping up and repeating without end). Aitzaz also informs us there will be “good news” at 3:00 pm tomorrow. Of course he won’t tell us but we already know and how Aitzaz-guided spin will go. I predict withdrawl of the presidential notification with both sides claiming victory and BOTH sides claiming constitution has been protected while in actuality one will be covering up their unconstitutional act that deserved application of Article 6, while the other will be abetting the same.

Yes CJ & Co, J’accuse!


6 Responses to “Aitzaz Suckers CJ (and Media) Again”

  1. 1 nota February 18, 2010 at 8:26 am

    That Aitzaz was behind this act of CJ against “set procedures governing the role, functions and ethics of judges” is confirmed by The News:

    Who played what role in the drama
    By Umar Cheema & Dilshad Azeem

    ISLAMABAD: Who persuaded Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani to reverse the almost fatal advice of some top legal minds and seek a quick reconciliation with the chief justice of Pakistan? This question is widely being asked and everyone is coming up with one name — Barrister Chaudhry Aitzaz Ahsan.

    According to sources, Aitzaz Ahsan played a key role and Gilani accepted his advice, saving his government from a catastrophe. The reported disagreement of Attorney General Anwar Mansoor with the decision also played an important role, the sources say.

    The lawyers’ leader not only rejected the legal interpretation of the government advisers on the judges’ appointment, he also informed the PM that it was in violation of the Constitution and that the PM should try to hold a meeting with the chief justice to remove misunderstandings. The same advisers had misled the PM, informing him that the executive order for the restoration of judges required ratification from parliament.

    The advisers under question — Law Minister Dr Babar Awan and PM’s adviser Latif Khosa —- are facing grave accusations of receiving money from their clients to buy the judges for favourable verdicts. Instead of correcting their conduct, they apparently nurtured grudges against the chief justice.

    Background discussions reveal that Aitzaz was instrumental in breaking the ice as he advised the prime minister that he was being misled through selective interpretation of some clauses of the Constitution. The Law Ministry had diverted the attention of the PM and the president from Article 260 of the Constitution that makes it binding on the president to honour the recommendations of the chief justice on the question of judges’ appointment.

    According to the sources, as Aitzaz invited the PM’s attention to Article 260, the chief executive of the country was caught by surprise, realising that he was being kept in the dark.

    The law minister was called to ascertain why the said article was not mentioned in the discussion. The minister said since the article was incorporated into the Constitution through the Legal Framework Order (LFO), it did not carry weight. However, Aitzaz intervened, arguing that Article 260 was an operative part of the Constitution.

    Latif Khosa, who is said to be not so close to the law minister and is instead vying for the same slot, was on the same page. Khosa kept parroting the Al-Jihad Trust case to convince his bosses about the seniority issue. But Aitzaz countered his argument, saying that the latest judgment on this question was delivered in 2002 when the court granted the chief justice of Pakistan the sole authority to determine the fitness and competence of judges for elevation to the office of the high court chief justice or to the Supreme Court.

    As the prime minister realised that a great blunder had been committed, Aitzaz advised him to seek a meeting with the chief justice and assured him that things would be settled. The PM’s gate-crashing into the CJ’s dinner was in this backdrop.

    According to the sources, the PM’s arrival was sudden and unexpected. A senior staffer of the PM first rang the Supreme Court registrar, expressing Gilani’s desire to see the chief justice who was subsequently informed. The CJ was caught by surprise to hear this but he returned the message that he was hosting a farewell dinner in honour of Justice Khalilur Rehman Ramday, so an urgent meeting was not possible.

    Another message from the PM office said the PM still wanted to meet him urgently. The CJ replied that the PM could come after the dinner. But the PM reached the Supreme Court in the next 15 minutes, surprising all and sundry present there, thus breaking the ice.

    The sources said even the attorney general saw the PM in disbelief since he too was unaware of his plan. As far the attorney general’s role in this crisis is concerned, he had reportedly told the PM that a blunder had been committed by issuing the notifications and the government was destined to be defeated in the case.

    It was learnt that the attorney general was initially reluctant to plead the case but had to concede to doing so as the so-called advisers were ready to fill the gap through other means.

    When contacted, AGP Anwer Mansoor neither clearly negated nor categorically endorsed the development. “I had a lot of interactions with the prime minister to give him my opinion on the issue and solve the crises.” The premier, the AGP said, may have considered it better to have a face-to-face meeting with the CJ.

    “It can be a consequence of what I have been telling the government but I did not issue an invitation to him as Gilani Sahib, himself, said while addressing me in the presence of many others. It was a surprise for me too.” However, the sources insisted that the AGP and Aitzaz had played a role in facilitating the PM’s Tuesday participation in the CJ’s dinner.


  2. 2 Observer February 18, 2010 at 2:37 pm

    I refuse to believe that the treacherous AA is that good at spin. There is more in this story otherwise we are even more downwards than I previously had thought of.

    • 3 nota February 18, 2010 at 3:07 pm

      “I refuse to believe that the treacherous AA is that good at spin.”

      I am not saying AA is that good. I am saying media is that stupid (and lazy and blind)

  3. 4 nota February 18, 2010 at 3:15 pm

    I am HOPING Justice Ramday has some sense and refuses to become the ad-hoc judge. I mean is gaining a one-year extension this way (and there by becoming the junior most judge) really worth it? Remember he has already eaten his “farewell” dinner too. I am told he has said he is going to think about it. I hope he does not disrespect himself like this.

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