Jang Group’s Love Affair With Arse Burney

What’s up Jang? Why do you keep pushing this lowlife Ansar Burney down our throats? Lately Not a day goes by when we don’t see him featured in the “Top Stories” or in the “National News” section. Here are some recent examples:

Feb 18, 2010 features Burney welcomes end to judges crisis
Feb 17, 2010 featured Burney asks govt to revoke all death sentences
Feb 16, 2010 featured Burney lauds Indo-Pak secretary-level talks
Feb 15, 2010 featured Burney to launch global protest for Jang Group
Feb 14, 2010 featured Justice Nisar foiled plot against judiciary: Burney
Feb 08, 2010 featured Burney says terrorists hiding in Karachi
Feb 06, 2010 featured Burney sees ministers’ rift behind Karachi bombings
Feb 05, 2010 featured Burney lauds ‘Aman Ki Asha’ initiative
Feb 04, 2010 featured Burney hails possible resumption of composite talks
Feb 03, 2010 featured Burney flays politics on Karachi dead bodies
Feb 01, 2010 featured Burney for action against human traffickers
Jan 31, 2010 featured Burney in London
Jan 30, 2010 featured Burney Trust to bring home Pakistani’s body
Jan 27, 2010 featured Burney meets HRC president
Jan 24, 2010 featured Burney leaves for Geneva

And these are the ones which I have come across — and I am sure I missed some — only in the last couple of weeks. Are these paid advertisements or Jang trying to promote it’s own Kalia? (And seeing the regular publication of his itinerary, am wondering how soon Jang group will start publishing news about his passing gas as well!)

To learn more about this mofo, see  “Ansaar Barni Exposed!” from two years ago and my (nota’s) comments under under it. And don’t forget that Kashmir Singh Affair — you know, the spy Burney helped release who went to India and said “I WAS a spy”:

Burney, Kashmir Singh, Geo

The Immaculate release,Kashmir Singh, THE GET AWAY SPY
Kashmir Singh takes a u-turn on spy issue
Burney shocked by Kashmir Singh’s confession
Ansar Burney Exposed–>Blatantly lied regarding the CJP Iftikhar House Arrest
Pak to hang Sarabjit on April 1, Burney says will appeal
Ex-Pak minister Ansar Burney deported on arrival in India

Ansar Burney (Singh): The Human Rights Minister for Indians
2008: Burney to collect evidence for saving Sarabjit
2008: Burney won’t help Sarabjit (after Kashmir Singh affair)
2009: Burney to file fresh mercy petition for Sarabjit 🙂

4 Responses to “Jang Group’s Love Affair With Arse Burney”

  1. 1 nota February 19, 2010 at 7:11 pm

    Got another one:
    Feb 19, 2010: Burney criticises govt on prisoners issue

    BTW: it is interesting how all these pieces start off with “UN Expert Advisor on Human Rights and Chairman of the human and civil rights organization- Ansar Burney Trust International, Advocate Ansar Burney…” I mean what is an “expert” advisor? Does UN have advisors who are NOT “experts”?

    Another interesting thing is that they make it appear as if Burney and Minister are face to face with Burney letting him have it. No such meeting has happened. The whole thing published as news is nothing but a press release written by Burney (I wonder how much Jang charges for it).

  2. 2 nota February 20, 2010 at 11:13 am

    Another day, another Burney “story” in The News:
    Feb 20, 2010: Burney urges recovery of abducted NGO workers

  3. 4 nota March 21, 2010 at 12:36 pm

    This is just fascinating! Jang love affair with Burney continues on a daily basis (I am sure there was a story every day — just don’t want to go search — Do note that though I have only done a quick search for these two months, this has been going on for years and will continue in the future…)

    Feb 23, 2010: Ansar Burney visits US next week
    Feb 24, 2010:
    Feb 25, 2010: Burney contacts India for release of Pak boy
    Feb 26, 2010: Burney has expressed deep grief and sorrow over the death of Shaikh Mubarak bin Mohammad Al Nahyan
    Feb 27, 2010: Burney gets Pak child released from Indian jail (of course he didn’t — just taking credit)
    Feb 28, 2010:
    Mar 01, 2010: AI team meets Ansar Burney
    Mar 02, 2010: Burney asks India to release Pak prisoners
    Mar 03, 2010: Burney asks India to release Pak prisoners
    Mar 04, 2010: Burney renews call to free Pak prisoners from Indian jails
    Mar 05, 2010: IHC summons Pak prisoners’ record on Burney’s plea
    Mar 06, 2010:
    Mar 07, 2010: Ansar Burney demands safe recovery of UK boy
    Mar 08, 2010: Ansar Burney for early release of Indian, other foreign prisoners
    Mar 09, 2010: Burney seeks CJ’s help for prisoners’ release from India
    Mar 09, 2010: Burney hails Indian SC’s order to release Pak prisoners
    Mar 10, 2010:
    Mar 11, 2010: Burney for action against human traffickers
    Mar 12, 2010:
    Mar 13, 2010:
    Mar 14, 2010:
    Mar 15, 2010: Ansar Burney condemns attack on NGO office in Mansehra
    Mar 16, 2010:
    Mar 17, 2010: Burney flays target killings
    Mar 18, 2010:
    Mar 19, 2010: Ansar Burney hails Zardari for donating his body organs
    Mar 20, 2010:
    Mar 21, 2010: Ansar Burney in Geneva. Now this passes as news:

    GENEVA: The United Nations Expert Adviser on Human Rights and Chairman Ansar Burney Trust International, Ansar Burney, advocate, arrived here on Saturday, said a press release. Ansar Burney, who is also a member of the United Nations HRCAC drafting group on missing persons, after staying a day in Geneva, will go to Strasbourg, France, on Monday where he will attend meetings of the European Human Rights Commission and the European Court of Human Rights.

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