A Quickie: Chor Ki Darhi MeiN Tinka?

That he chose to become an ad-hoc judge was an act not so on the up-and-up is proven by this latest stunt:

Respected Justice Khalilur Rehman Ramday, just appointed as ad hoc judge of the Supreme Court, has decided not to draw his salary and has donated the same to Al-Mizan Foundation, a welfare organization for the serving and retired employees of the judiciary including subordinate courts….

Interestingly, the full letter of the honorable judge too has found it’s way in print which further shows the judge is aware that taking the oath was improper.

Might I ask: Sir, nice of you to not take your salary but does it also mean you won’t be taking any of the benefits? Like, will you be vacating your official house in GOR I, Lahore (BTW: why did you still have it since you got transferred to Islamabad years ago?)? Giving up the official car (and fuel and driver)? How about tons of other perks that a supreme court judge enjoys if front of which the salary just pales (and costs this country plenty)?

Do I hear a ‘Yes!’? Of course not! Oh well…..

BTW: This “no-salary” was a nice stunt that people will easily lap up. Why do I feel Aitzaz as the brains behind it?


1 Response to “A Quickie: Chor Ki Darhi MeiN Tinka?”

  1. 1 nota February 24, 2010 at 5:12 pm

    GOR I: Among others, Javed Mehmood, former chief secretary of Punjab and a resident of 9-Aikman Road, would been given Rs 1.05 million for the construction of servant quarters and a boundary wall; Jalal Skindar Sultan, the S&GAD service secretary and a resident of 14-Aikman Road, would be given Rs 1,633,600 for renovations; Najeebullah Malik, former Punjab chief secretary, would be given around Rs 5 million; Finance Minister Tanveer Ashraf Kiara would be given Rs 231,800; Anwar Ahmed Khan would be given Rs 79,600; the Chief Minister’s Secretariat secretary would be given Rs 10.61 million for 5 and 7 Club Road; Khawaja Shumail would be given Rs 1.54 million for renovations at 22-Club Road; Hassan Nawaz Tarar would be given Rs 212,500; Khawaja Naeem would be given Rs 1.33 million; Suhail Masood would be given Rs 145,800, Justice (r) Khalilur Rehman Ramday would be given Rs 115,700; Jehanzab Khan would be given Rs 732,200; Justice Iftikhar Chaudhary would be given Rs 853,100 for the construction of a bedroom and a fiber shed at 14-B Golf Road; Mazhar Ali Khan would be given Rs 808,800 for bamboo fences, steel doors, tuff paves, a fiber shed and a guest bedroom; Aftab Ahmed Cheema would be given Rs 722,880; Muhammad Rafiq Tarar, a former president, would be given Rs 431,330 to install barbed wire at 1-Shanan Road; Raja Ashfaq Sarwar, an adviser to the chief minister, would be given Rs 2.7 million for new tile floors, wardrobes and kitchen cabinets at 1-A Upper Mall; the Punjab Assembly speaker house would be given Rs 1.4 million for a boundary wall and tile flooring; Tanveer ul Islam, a provincial minister, would be given Rs 77,300 for a fiber glass car shed at 4-Upper Mall; Saifullah Chatta would be given Rs 726,400; IG House would be given Rs 809,000.

    (Source: Rs 43.55 million approved for home improvement at GORs )

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