The ‘Zardari was Elected’ Myth

All PPP representatives, the opposition, the lawyers and judges, media and alternate medai  seem not to tire of repeating this myth that “Zardari is the constitutionally elected President of Pakistan”. That cannot be further from the truth. It is but a complete fabrication. A blatant lie put forth to give legitimacy to this so called democracy. To see it, one must look at how he got to where he is:

Facing Islamist chaos and America’s Rambo, Pakistan is turning to No 10

…In a notoriously difficult foreign policy arena, injected with precious few new ideas, there are signs that Brown is ready to take Zardari seriously. The Foreign Office has already played a vigorous and little known role in getting Zardari elected president: Sir Mark Lyall Grant, the FCO political director, used his offices to elegantly strong-arm Pakistani political factions exiled to the UK into voting for the PPP’s presidential candidate. In a daring move, the MQM party, which has offices in north London – and was set against the PPP – was talked into becoming temporary champion of a PPP machine it had previously only bombed and shot at….

Zardari is the New Musharraf

Financial and political support from Washington helped engineer Zardari into power. He has been put in charge of the millions a month in overt and secret cash flow from Washington — $11.2 billion officially since 2001 — that Musharraf used to buy influence. Contrary to Washington’s claims it was neutral in the race between Zardari and his rival, former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Washington spent a great deal of money and energy trying to sideline Nawaz, who has long been unpopular in Washington as insufficiently responsive to US interests….

Here’s James Petras in ‘Masters of Defeat: Retreating Empire and Bellicose Bluster

…The ‘election’ of the US client and convicted warlord and thug, Asif Ali Zadari, as President of Pakistan, will not in anyway contribute to the recovery of US influence outside of very limited elite political and military circles…

I know, I know. He is the “elected” representative of the people — people from the UK Foreign Office and US State Department 😛


Here I am going to add a few pieces leading up to the “election” of Zardari i.e. the Benazir Bhutto/Mush deal. Remember even before Musharraf became unbearable, BB was making the rounds of the “capitals that matter”. She observed that even that drop-your-pants-on-one-call Musharraf was resistant to some of the demands being placed on him by the West. That to her smelt “opportunity!” and she rushed to D.C. with her sales pitch — Give me the chair and I will give you what Musharraf won’t (i.e. I will be a more obidient slave). She offered Dr. Qadeer and for some brownie points, implicated the military for N-proliferation. She scared them with “militants are going to take over the nukes”. She also agreed to let US boots on the ground, let the drones have a free skies, and not only move the army to the western borders but also declare war on the people within the border.

Of course the West took interest and Mush took notice to. He knew he couldn’t beat her so all he could do was to join her. In the meantime, he too tried to prove he was as good a slave as BB and sacrificed many a virgins (Lal Masjid) hoping the gods would be pleased. But that was too little, too late. BB had her foot in the door as a priestess and the gods were not going to turn her away. But they were also pleased with Mush’s latest offering so a deal between the two was finalized (more on it here). In return, BB did Mush a favor by sabotaging the Nawaz-led all-parties London meet and the Saudi’s, EU, especially the Britain, and U.S. all pitched in ensure Nawaz Sharif did not disrupt the deal between BB and Mush (Nawaz tried but was kidnapped by the Saudis. Of course a deal appears to have been struck with him too that promises him the chair next if he plays “by the rule” and he seems to have gotten the message — Friendly-opposition, anyone?).

That BB and Mush were both gotten rid of and replaced with Zardari is another story. I firmly believe BB — once landing here — realized her popularity and came to the conclusion she did not need the Americans to win her the chair. She reneged on the deal and was duly removed, and a fake will produced to have Zardari — who is totally compromised and who’s life and liberty depend on following orders of the ‘Masa’ — take her place as a ‘Bhutto’. Mush on the other hand had become too unpopular and no amount of spin — including him ‘taking off the uniform’ — could be sold to the people and was asked to step aside ‘honorably’ (but with full protection for having been a loyal servant all these years) as Zardari and Kiyani were their to willingly fill his shoes. (Point to note: Even today, all of the governors of the provinces who are ‘representatives of the President’ were appointed by Musharraf).


BB’s speech at Middle East Institute, Washington, DC, titled “Democratization in Pakistan”  on September 25, 2007

(This speech is very telling at it contains her full sales pitch as to how she will serve their interests better than Musharraf. I will — time permitting — rewrite it removing the fog and place it in the comments section.)

BB speaking at the Council of Foreign Relations, August 15 2007:

(Transcript of the ‘Conversation with Benazir Bhutto‘ at CFR above)


2 Responses to “The ‘Zardari was Elected’ Myth”

  1. 1 Project March 17, 2010 at 1:29 am

    Good article.

    You might wish to archive those cited links – perhaps compose a fully self-contained pdf for your acute retrospective analyses for posterity’s use. FYI – I had written to CFR Outreach to permit me to embed Benazir’s video in my documents, but they wrote back saying “no”. Which is why I only link to their videos directly on their website with a jpg captured from them. Which also means, this youtube version could disappear and is not a reliable archive. I haven’t figured out how to publicly archive some really valuable videos from CFR as evidence – if you figure it out, do let me know too.

    I might slightly differ from your analysis on why B Bhutto was killed. But that’s merely political science for the multivarious calculus of the Strategy of Tension that was planned before she reached the shores of Pakistan – not local politics. The “deal” conversation is a red herring. Musharraf is playing out a script – reference:

    The manner in which B Bhutto was killed also suggests political science of a superpower rather than a mundane “deal” squabble among local thugs. The advertised fact that she was returning to Pakistan well before she arrived in Pakistan proves this point – that her assassination was planned much earlier.

    And she was in fact goaded into returning – by psychologically priming her to return as the “savior”, and her begging the “masa” at the CFR is a clear indication that she was pandering to them, a point which you too have duly noted – by clever handlers who understood her complex psyche – the daughter of a hanged prime minister an who knew exactly who her enemies were and was diabolically playing double/tripple/quadrupple game – far better than you or I can understand even Mr. Zardari’s.

    The uneducated feudal husband was no match for his wife at the cognitive geopolitical level, and yet clearly outsmarted her at the godfather’s level.

    Dr. Zardari, like Gen Musharaf, and like Prof. Haqqani too, understand the complex vagaries of real power far better than the somewhat idealist Benazir Bhutto, who I suspect, just as she was first goaded into an incomprehensible feudal marriage, continued to remain manipulatively stupid-to-reality far more than all her nemeses throughout her political career. But the fact that she was a complex person, and a woman witha mission, is undeniable. Such people can prove to be unpredictable – just witness here steely resolve during her incarceration by Zia ul Haq in her own narrative. I strongly suspect she had an un-articulated agenda and the hectoring hegemons had perceived it. They are not stupid. They have penetrated the inner-spaces of both the rational andn the irrational mind far deeper tha they have penetrated outer space. I strongly suspect that they knew that this time around, for the final tasks of dismembering Pakistan, unlike her father whose lust for power had correctly been harnessed to dismember Pakistan the first time around, it was far better to have less complicated simple midget minds who could be controlled at the much baser levels, at the helm of affairs in the servile client-state…

    This is why Benazir Bhutto made a great scapegoat for sacrifice at the altar of “imperial mobilization” as the beloved daughter of the East, and as you have cited reports in the Western press, Dr. Zardari fit the role of the next “Musharraf” much better than the temperamental Benazir Bhutto might have. Benazir could neither forget, nor forgive, the murderers of her father. Her motivations, I suspect – and I am no expert in anything, only a plebeian reading political science which is all a game of human motivations, its study, and its manipulations – transcended those of ordinary petty thugs which is the character most needed in ruining Pakistan today.

    Also see “Who killed Benazir Bhutto – In her own Words” on my website.

    Frankly, Benazir Bhutto has remained an enigma for me. Whereas none of the other players noted above, are.

    Zahir Ebrahim


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