Quiz: Guess the “Electronics” And The “Terrorist Entity” They Were Sold To

FBI website screams:

Seven Charged with Illegal Export of Electronics to U.S.-Designated Terrorist Entity in Paraguay

So what could it be? Nuclear triggers? Hightech eavesdropping equipment? Guidance system for missiles? Well, not quite! The “electronic devices” in question are nothing more than “Sony brand electronics, including Playstation 2 consoles and digital cameras”!!!. And this too after a three year investigation by “by ICE, FBI, CBP, and DOC, as part of the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF)”.

And what about the “terrorist entity” — oops, I am sorry — “Specially Designated Global Terrorist (SDGT) entity” you ask? Well it is the Galeria Mall in Paraguay.

Don’t believe me? See the FBI site yourself!

The investigation into those who supplied Apple iPhone to Mulla Zaif is still ongoing…ICE, FBI, CBP, and DOC is sure to nab them in another couple of years. FBI has had Hafiz Center in Lahore under 24-hour surveillance for over a year now… 😉


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