Why Blame The Police?

The issue of the day seems to be “police lawlessness”. Everyone — media, politicians, and even the CJ himself — pretending  as if it was a “REVELATION“. Fact is, they all know it has been like that forever. They all know all politics is based on misusing the police, with the police torture being more a tool of the politicians than the police.

Here in Punjab, everyone also knows “police encounter” killings reach new heights whenever one of the Sharifs is the ‘Sherif’. And look at their party leadership. Here are some who have made it into the news lately:

Please keep in mind these are the achievements of PML-N parliamentarians during the last couple of weeks only. If I went further back, the list would get long. At the very least I will have to mention MNA Haji Pervez (exam cheeting scam), Punjab Minister Chaudhry Ghafoor (assaulting female Q-League ladies in assembly), MPA Shumaila Rana (stolen credit card scandal AND land-grabbing), MPA Munawar Gill (rape), etc., etc.

Note: Though I am focusing on PML-N here, it in no way means those from other parties are any different  and will certainly be neck-to-neck (PPP scum is in the news daily, PML-Q have had their turn,  JUI-F smells of diesel, etc.). I am focusing on PML-N because they have been chosen as our next saviors (but they will be democratically elected of course 😉 )

I say give them the Gymkhana membership. They truly deserve it…


5 Responses to “Why Blame The Police?”

  1. 1 yousaf khan March 9, 2010 at 7:35 am

    after reading ur report i start searching on anjum aqeelkhan. i would able to know that he became MNA for the first time from one of the most respected constituency Islamabad the capital of Pakistan, on your reports tell us that he scams someones plot. for ur information about the plot u r talking about is of 0.8 million- 1.2 million according to different sources. i m posting a link on this page i want u to go there and have a look on the assets of anjum aqeel khan which totals Rs 350.28 million. So how can someone who owns a empire try to scam a plot of just 0.8 million also when he is on a very much important post. i personally belong to his constituency an he has a image of a kind hearted, polite and a simple person and one more thing in his own village Golra where a lots of rich families are based like pirs of golra sharif on anjum aqeel khan gives a piece of land from his own assets which costs round about Rs.80 million for girls high school so before making an allegation first make your self confident about the particular allegation.

    best wishes for this forum.

    • 3 nota March 9, 2010 at 1:18 pm

      @yousaf khan
      First of all these are news stories from newspapers. Second, you logic that “how can someone who owns a empire try to scam a plot of just 0.8 million also when he is on a very much important post” is slow flawed that I prove it with one word but I will give you a few more:
      1. Zardari
      2. Gilani
      3. Nawaz sharif
      4. Shahbaz Sharif
      5. Malik Riaz
      Like they say, “Qatra, Qatra Darya banta hai”. A plot stolen here and there soon turns into an empire. And once you have made that “empire”, it is force of habit that makes them kind of not stop.

      But you go ahead and vote for him next time as well. Your Pirs will be delighted…. 😉

      BTW: So you could only try and defend one from my list? That certainly makes me “confident about the particular allegations”…

      BTW: Your link is worthless as proof of anything against my allegations. It mentions not a word about how he acquired such assets. Land-grabbing? Most likely!!! (which he ‘legitimized’ with the help of the Pirs by giving them a piece of the pie — typical modus operandi of the land grabbing class but to see that you need some sense) 🙂

      And thanks for convincing me this guy is certainly a crook.

  2. 4 nota March 22, 2010 at 5:42 pm

    Interesting attempt to divert attention from the dirty deeds of the Punjab Police by the media: Papers have been full for days with stories about the silly non-issue of a stupid logo. Dawn has found it so big that it felt it worthy of an editorial.

    Of course the purpose is to make you forget all the murders, killing, robberies, thefts, torture, etc. done by the police and pretend the only thing wrong with the police is their ad agency has someone somewhat incompetent working for them…

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