Winning My Oscar Bet

When I saw the competition was between anti-globalization/colonization Avatar and pro-war Hurt Locker, picking the winner was a no-brainer. Of course Hurt won.

Another EASY pick NOT to win the award was Ajami, the nominee for Best Foreign Language Film when on Sunday it’s co-director Scandar Copti had stated the truth. It was sure to choke the voters:

“I am not Israel’s national team and do not represent her,” Copti reportedly said. “It is an extremely technical thing and that’s how it works at the Oscars – it says ‘Israel’ because that’s where the money comes from.”

Such inconvenient truth that was true and not a lie, for had it been a lie, it sure would have won.

But forget about the fact that the Oscars are rigged, a con, and get blinded by the shine of those diamonds and buy the FoxNews spin why Hurt really was the deserving one. Just like last years Slumdog Millionaire 😉

Note: Here is a clip of the real Ajami neighborhood of Palestine:

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