Chutzpah, Saudi Style

"Be healty, eat well and improve your living style you nitwit", Saudi Rep


‘Make Pakistan disease-free country’

This was stated by Regional Director of WHO and former Saudi health minister Dr Hussain A Gezairy. Though he added “Our goal should be to make Pakistan free of diseases and for this we need simple solutions. By ensuring the provision of safe drinking water, promoting healthy life style and good eating habits, and banning smoking including Shisha, we can protect, preserve and promote public health,” that is all for show, for all he is selling is vaccines on behalf of Big Pharma.

Of course he made no mention of the Saudi land grab (that also means grabbing drinking water and food that would go to the natives) from the poorest of nations, including Pakistan and especially Africa. Look up a country with high starvation and you will probably find Saudis in the process or having grabbed a major chunk of their agricultural land (see for example Pakistan, Ethopia, Sudan, Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria, Malawi, Congo, Zambia, Uganda, Madagascar, Zimbabwe, Mali, Sierra Leone, Ghana and elsewhere) Of course Latin America is not immune either.

Of course Saudis are not the only ones but I am singling them out for this latest obnoxious statement by Mr Gezairy.

Oh, did I mention the WE are going to BORROW $2 BILLION to form on ‘a special security force ‘ of more than 100,000 to ‘protect’ their ‘investment’? (Will post an update with a few other things as to how the government has been accepting/denying/celebrating/spinning this today or tomorrow)

Remember It's Not Only Zardari Who Looks This Happy Selling His Motherland


2 Responses to “Chutzpah, Saudi Style”

  1. 1 Ameer Hamza November 19, 2011 at 10:57 pm

    Hi there. You have used my photograph without my permission. Well, that’s bad manners.

    • 2 nota November 26, 2011 at 12:32 pm

      Well I am ill-mannered, fyi! 🙂

      BTW: Which one are you talking about? The poor kid or the Zardari one? If you like, I can remove it. If you want “credit” it is yours (did I claim anywhere it was mine?). I honestly would like to give you even more credit if you could tell me the name of the kid. How about if he was paid anything for his snap being taken for which you are dying to claim the credit. Any idea about what his condition is today? Would really appreciate it if you could tell me that.

      For future record: NONE of the photos on this blog are mine. “Credit” to those with the respective camera.

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