A Quickie: Power Theft

On the very day we have the names of power defaulters thieves (worth Rs3.8 billion) being made public, we are proudly informed than ONE culprit has been booked for power theft.

Is it Capital Development Authority with Rs256.02 million dues? No!
Is it AJK government with 2793.19 million dues? No!
Is it Cantonment Board Chaklala with Rs195.41 million? No!
Is it Cantonment Board Rawalpindi with Rs92.82 million? No!
Is it CDA for Cabinet Block with Rs4.57 million? No!
Is it CDA for Commissioner Islamabad (Auqaf) with Rs15.81 million? No!
Is it CDA for President Secretariat connection with Rs20.84 million? No!
Is it Federal Police with Rs20.01 million? No!
Is it Public Works Department with Rs87.85 million? No!
Is it Defence Production Division with Rs43.12 million? No!
Is it AFIC with Rs28.13 million? No!
Is it Immigration and Passport Directorate with Rs1.42 million? No!
Is it Income Tax Department with Rs1.12 million? No!
Is it Ministry of Hajj with Rs1.09 million? No!
Is it Ministry of Science and Technology with Rs1.07 million? No!
Is it TMA Muree with Rs10.51 million? No!
Is it Ministry of Education with Rs6.27 million? No!
Is it DG Special Education with Rs1.31 million? No!
Is it Federal Investigation Agency with Rs2.07 million? No!
Is it National Highway Authority with Rs1.63 million? No!
Is it National Logistics Cell, Balochistan House, TMA Talagang, TMA Jhelum, Punjab Jail and Convict Settlement department, health district government Rawalpindi, TMA Potohar Town, district and tehsil headquarters Rawalpindi, NTDC chief executive, Wasa Rawalpindi, hospitals under federal government, AJK connections in Pakistan and Ministry of Health?? Of course not!

The only person the authorities could find worthy of lodging an FIR against is a Jamaat Ahl-i-Sunnat leader Hafiz Habibur Rehman. So how much did he allegedly steal? NOTHING! Zero, Zilch!! He has an outstanding unpaid amount of an astronomical sum of — Rs 10,000!!!

BTW: This guy DID have a reason not to pay:

Habibur Rehman told reporters that Hesco was issuing inflated bills every month and he repeatedly complained to the SDO, line superintendent. They always assured him that next month bill would be corrected but to no avail.

He said that on Monday, the SDO came to know that a Hesco lineman was involved in reversing power metres.

He said that the SDO told him (Mr Habib) to report him when he saw the lineman taking away metres.

Habibur Rehman said that on Friday, when he saw that lineman Hanif alias Sokha was taking away the meter of a mill, he contacted the SDO on phone.

Habibur Rehman tried to stop the lineman and exchanged hot words with him, but Hesco officers did not reach. Later Hesco lodged an FIR against him.

Note: It is interesting that not one industrialist is included in the list of power defaulters/thieves.


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