A Quickie: Pope Plays Dumb — UPDATED

Pope John Paul II Pope is ‘shocked’ to hear of abuse case in Munich while he was archbishop
Shocked, eh Pope? Give him an Oscar!

“His former archdiocese of Munich has acknowledged that, while he was in charge, it dealt with a suspected paedophile priest by transferring him to a different parish where he went on to commit sex offences against children. The revelation has drawn attention to Benedict’s handling of abuse claims, both when archbishop and later as a prefect of the Vatican office dealing with such crimes, a position he held until becoming pope in 2005.

I bet he is as shocked as Obama and Biden and Hillary on the new Israeli settlements!
Another three Oscars, please!!!!!

UPDATE 1: Apparently the acting did not pay off for the Pope. The story is not going away and his full involvement in the sordid affair is coming to light:

UPDATE 2: Regarding the apparent “shock” by Hillary at the new East Jerusalem settlements and resulting “shock” felt/crocodile tears shed by ADL at her criticism, DO NOTE that Hillary chose her words very carefully. She did not say what you believe she said; In her statement she never stated she was against these new settlements, just the timing of them (as apparently it forced Biden to express his “shock”). She said “the announcement of the settlement the very same day the vice president was there was insulting.” 😉


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