Just Hilarious: PML-N On Renaming NWFP

While ANP has always been a joke — renaming of NWFP being their only issue — PML-N’s tackling of the issue has got me cracking up…
15 Mar, 2010: NWFP renaming ‘Bypassed’ PML-N leaders want Nawaz to resolve issue
15 Mar, 2010: PML-N wants NWFP renamed as ‘Abaseen Afghania’
15 Mar, 2010: PML-N, ANP ready to rename NWFP

Note: Above are from the same day. Earlier:

10 Sep, 2009: PML-N calls for referendum on renaming NWFP
26 Dec, 2009: PML-N proposes to rename NWFP as Pakhtunkhwa-Hazara

P.S. Let’s not forget ‘Islamistan’ 😉


1 Response to “Just Hilarious: PML-N On Renaming NWFP”

  1. 1 Observer March 17, 2010 at 7:25 pm

    PML-N just want to ensure that no outsider can remember the new name of NWFP 😉

    Could be fun if the name became “Islamistan”, but I am sure the ANP/PPP/PML-N masters will not accept a name like that.

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