PML-N Good Governance: Making Illegal Legal

The other day I cam across this news item:
All except one Sahiwal housing societies illegal

SAHIWAL, March 10: The tehsil municipal administration (TMA) has declared illegal 72 out of total 73 housing societies under the Punjab Private Site Development Schemes (Regulation) Rules, 2005, Dawn has learned.

Of these 72, cases of only three housing societies are under process while the remaining 69 are being tried.

While the administration is prosecuting the owners of these commercial housing societies in the consumer court through Farid Town and Ghala Mandi police stations, citizens have publicly been warned against purchasing plots in these illegal housing schemes.

TMO Masood Tamana said a large number of these illegal societies had been developed in less than 70 acres of land which was yet another violation of the law…..

The case of these societies is certainly not limited to Sahiwal (e.g. Lahore has at least 103 such schemes)

Well, guess what? Suddenly Mr Shahbaz Sharif took out his magic wand — I can only imagine the weight of the bills in the suitcase he probably received — and “POOF!”, just like that most of those illegal housing schemes have become ‘legal’:

(“The Minimum Area Required For Housing Schemes Has Been Reduced From 170 Kanals To 40 Kanals”)
In the other item mentioned in the same I don’t have any idea how much public land is being ‘leased’ to the public for housing. The only thing I am sure of is the process won’t be transparent though it is being advertised as such. Do I have a proof? No — just an educated guess 😉


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