Trouble In Leghari/Khosa Country — Updated

Well I wasn’t going to write about this but today’s story and it’s omissions and revelations have sort of pushed me. First the latest story:

Protesters for action against Choti police

By Our Correspondent

Sunday, 21 Mar, 2010

DERA GHAZI KHAN, March 20: Scores of residents of Choti Zaireen and Nawan Shar [sic] held a demonstration here on Saturday in front of the offices of regional police officer and DPO, demanding early arrest of Choti circle sub divisional police officer and SHO.

According to the protesters, SDPO Iqbal Chandia and SHO Noor Muhammad could neither save the life of a Shia leader nor provide protection to the accused who had courted arrest.

The protesters chanted slogans against `inhuman activities’ of SDPO Iqbal Chandia who, according to them, obtained promotion by killing innocent people in `fake’ encounters.

Relatives of Saifullah Dhandla told this correspondent that Iqbal Chandia had killed Dhandla in a `fake’ encounter and got promotion to the rank of inspector. Thereafter, he killed Ajmal Khosa and was promoted to DSP rank.

The protesters claimed that a sitting provincial minister, during his brief stint as Punjab CM, had awarded Iqbal Chandia (Saddar SHO) a certificate for good performance. They demanded immediate arrest of both the officials who are `habitual’ of killing `innocent’ people for getting promotion.

RPO Mubarik Ahmed told Dawn that DPO Kashif Kanju had initiated an inquiry against the SDPO and the SHO.

Of course the unnamed “sitting provincial minister” is none other than Dost Muhammed Khosa, son of Sardar Zulfiqar Khosa. Why Dawn would not name him while clearly leaving no doubt who he is is a practice I still haven’t been able to understand. Is it to make it hard for us to find for it later? Probably!

I am highlighting this because:

  1. Lately I have covered both the major parties from the area
  2. I had also put up a post about Punjab Police (and this once again confirms the way things work even under “Good Governance” and how Police “Officers” earn their stripes).

I might also point out that Choti aka Choti Zareen is the hometown of both the current “rulers” — Khosas and Legharis– and the previous — Legharis. Dost Muhammed was the Naib Nazim of D G Khan (before he ran for MPA) and Maqsood Leghari was the Nazim (who is the first cousin of Ex-Prez Farooq Leghari (MNA) and fought the election against Farooq’s son Jamal (Senator) and won with the help of the Khosas so he was their bitch). Other “elected” reps from the area are Zulfiqar Khosa’s other son Saifuddin Khosa (MNA), Amjad Farooq Khosa (MPA) from the Khosa camp and Mohsin Leghari (MPA), Yousaf Leghari (MPA), Jaffar Leghari (MNA), Jamal Leghari (Senator) from the Leghari camp.

I think the point I am trying to make is:

  • The rulers have stayed the same no matter what “change” has come
  • The rulers rule by the club (Police, etc.) or by controlling the land/water resources
  • The rule is brutal and does mean a the tribal head will have one of his own tribe killed just to show who’s boss (BTW: Both Zulfiqar and Farooq are “sardars” of their respective tribes and they keep that honor not by being “nice”. And both increase their “influence” by joining whosoever is in Lahore/Islamabad/London/Washington and “acquiring” more and more assets through “bakhshish” — they have been doing it for generations — examples of the British rule I posted previously).
  • The ordinary folks suffer no matter who is on top.

Background of the current events:
This Abdullah Chandia fellow — Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (SSP) district secretary general — murdered some Naeem Abbas and injured his father (I am sure having a corrupt DSP who happened to be a Chandia too certainly helped Abdullah in reaching the decision to kill, as proven from the fact that after committing the murders out in the open, he ran and presented himself to the police station and courted arrest, thinking he would be safe). BUT he seemed to have made one slight miscalculation: Killing the local Shia leader. And Shias of Choti are no pushovers (and having full the support of Farooq Leghari’s first cousin MNA Jaffar Leghari’s wife — Ex-MNA Mina Leghari — certainly helps). A mob quickly gathered and “stormed the police station and dragged him out by tying a rope to his neck and foot. They burnt him alive and refused to hand over his body to the police. The protestors also damaged the police station and two vehicles while the record was also burnt.” (I hear they dragged his dead body that led to his head separating from his body). The way things stand now, about 1,500 have been booked for storming the Police Station and the murder of Abdullah Chandia. Of course one of the main culprits in this are the two police officers against whom cases have been registered but you and I both know the most that will happen is a transfer, soon followed by a promotion 😉

Note: Just want to clarify — I am not sure if Khosas have a home in Choti still. But I am certain Zulfiqar Khosa was raised by the Farooq Leghari’s family (his father? Grand father?  Story is Zulfiqar’s father died when he was just a baby and the Leghari Sardar at the time gave him “panah” because Zulfiqar would have been murdered by some other Khosa for the ‘Sardar-ship’ of the Khosa tribe) as was his wife. In fact their marriage was even arranged by them.

UPDATE:I don’t know if I am being fare here but here it goes: Now you know the situation in Choti. Exactly where would you expect your only MPA to be? …… Well, you my friend are wrong!

Don’t you just love ’em?


3 Responses to “Trouble In Leghari/Khosa Country — Updated”

  1. 1 zahra March 21, 2010 at 11:22 pm

    It is so true about this sho noor ahmed chandia he should be punished for whatever he did.I myself belong to this area and i know how are poor people are suffering through these people…

    • 2 nota March 22, 2010 at 3:51 pm

      Please do tell. I do know some general things about the Legharis and the Khosas, I am clueless about the way things work on the ground there. I have no idea about sho noor ahmed chandia etc. or how the poor people are suffering there. Anything you can tell would be greatly appreciated. BTW: I do have another post on Choti, sort of. Feel free to criticize…

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