Why The Fake Photo?

If this Jang story is true, why accompany it with such a fake photo?

Every thing about this appears fake. The wall certainly has been (terribly) photoshoped clean, the FC guy is certainly posing, the body of the “terrorist” certainly has been placed there as has been the gun on the body.

P.S. Would a guy under attack be sitting so high — I mean, come on, a ditch is right there — and “aiming” his automatic weapon like that?

Is FC taking lessons from ISPR? đŸ˜›

Update: The Nation has the same story. Their description too leaves no doubt the story is a complete fabrication  — described as a typical fake-encounter:

In another incident, unidentified people hurled a hand grenade and opened indiscriminate firing on the patrolling vehicle of Frontier Corps (FC) at Brewery Road that exploded and wounded four personnel of security forces.

The security forces also returned fire, killing a suspected attacker on the spot, however, other attackers managed to escape from the site.

The attacker was identified Abdul Majeed Langav.

The sources said that security forces also raided a house and recovered rocket launchers, hand grenades and explosive materials.

Police shifted the body to hospital for autopsy and started further investigations.

I am yet to figure out when these “terrorists” go for an attack — which they probably will not survive — they leave most of their more lethal and more effective weaponry at home? I mean, if you are going to attack FC, WHY would you leave your rocker launcher at home???


1 Response to “Why The Fake Photo?”

  1. 1 nota March 22, 2010 at 5:38 pm

    Something is up in Balochistan. Following the above killings, a lot more has happened. In Quetta and other parts of Balochistan, 18 people, including three police personnel, have been victims of target killings and bomb attacks over the past five days (including a college principal who was gunned down today).

    Wonder what happened to ‘Aghaz-e-Haqooq-e-Balochistan’ package…

    Oh, and like I mentioned elsewhere, Balochis to continue to go missing and getting killed and government keeps denying it is happening.

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