“I’m Not Groping You, I’m Just Doing My Job” – Updated

Let’s see…

They can play with your scrotum,
They can finger you up the @ss,
They can ask you to drink your breast milk,
They can grab your nipple rings,
They can to fondle your breasts (Oh, and here’s their new excuse but you were warned)
They can snap pics of your breasts and ogle at them

I guess fingering the v@gina not so far off…so be ready!

“Hope you enjoy the trip. And thanks for cooperating — it is for your own safety” — Your Friendly Airport Security 😉

P.S. I think this guy ought to appeal his conviction:


After reading this, hope you didn’t think “Damn, I am going to use trains and buses instead!” Obama is making sure you don’t get away with it:

Obama’s nominee to head the Transportation Security Administration told Congress on Tuesday he wants U.S. airport security to more closely resemble security at Israeli airports, according to CNN. “We should move even closer to an Israeli model where there’s more engagement with passengers,” Robert Harding told members of the Senate Commerce Committee.

The Israelis are notorious for racial profiling Arabs at their airports. Is that what Harding is suggesting we do in the United States?

TSA nominee Harding tells senator Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas intelligence operations need to be expanded to trains and buses.

So better start getting used to the idea (because if you don’t, there’s ‘The McCain-Lieberman Police State Act‘ 😉 )


Prisoners forced to submit to radiation experiments for private foreign companies


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